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KoiReader Technologies and Kinetic Vision Announce Strategic Partnership

KoiReader Technologies and Kinetic Vision Announce Strategic Partnership to Redefine Logistics, Supply Chain, and Industrial Operations at Automate Conference

SwRI Workbench for Offline Robotics Development™ (SWORD™) launched at Automate 2024

Southwest Research Institute develops user-friendly ROS programming graphical toolkit for developers

The Power of Automation: Comau Unveils New Robots and Intelligent Solutions at Automate 2024

Comau is spearheading the Power of Automation with new digital-driven, advanced robotic and powerful AI-backed automation solutions, which it will unveil at Automate.

See the Unseen: How Mecademic's New Meca500-OBS Robot is Changing the Game in Optics Manufacturing

Mecademic, a global leader in compact robotics solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the Meca500-OBS.

Third Wave Automation Announces Dynamic Fleet Management Solution to Drive Shared Autonomy in Warehouse Operations

Now Commercially Available, the Armada Fleet Management System Supports Remote Operations of Multi-Mode Forklifts, Improved Workflow and Real-Time Insights on Materials Handling Movement

Vention Releases Its Most Feature-Packed Version of MachineBuilder for Robot Cell Designs

Vention, the cloud robotics company, launched the most comprehensive suite of advanced features yet for its 3D design software, MachineBuilder. It’s now faster than ever to create automated equipment and robot cells with intuitive and smart design tools.

Vention expands its cloud-robotics platform with new offline programming capabilities and scene assets

Vention, the cloud robotics company, announced new advanced features to its programming software, MachineLogic. These enhancements streamline the user experience and accelerate the deployment of robots from the cloud to the factory floor.

Magswitch Technologies Showcases Cutting-Edge Robot Displays at Automate Trade Show

At the Automate trade show, Magswitch Technologies, a premier manufacturer of magnetic tools and solutions for automation applications, is proud to present an array of innovative robot displays highlighting the prowess of the E30 Gripper and Collaborative Robots.

Musashi AI Returns to Automate 2024 in Chicago

Musashi AI is excited to return to Automate 2024 this May in Chicago. Last year’s Automate show was such a huge success for us that we made plans to be back with an even larger and more interactive booth and with new products to showcase.

Sealevel Debuts Flexio Fanless Embedded Computers at Automate 2024

US Debut of Leading Industrial Computers Introduced in April during Embedded World 2024, the Flexio Fanless Industrial Embedded Computers will make their US debut at Automate.

Process Panel Controller Enhanced Migration Features - Panelicity ® Series 36 from Classic Automation

Experience the Simplicity - Updated for Integrated User Expierience

Hypertherm Associates rolls out the latest in offline robot programming at Automate 2024

The latest software version includes several updates and can program sequential multi-robot cells and automatically solve robotic errors.


Temposonics® R-Series V sensors are the most advanced linear position sensors on the market, combining the latest magnetostrictive technology with innovative smart diagnostics for industrial applications.

AFORMIC Showcases Innovative Low-Profile AMR for Flexible Manufacturing at Automate 2024

AFORMIC, a leading provider of Autonomous Intralogistics Solutions, will open its showroom of cutting-edge autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for flexible manufacturing and warehousing during the Automate Show 2024, the largest exhibition of automation in North America, taking place from May 6 to 9 in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Festo Introduces a New Generation of Mechanical Axes at Automate 2024

An innovative design improves axis performance, and new Festo global manufacturing lines ensure supply.

InOrbit Unveils RobOps Copilot for AI-Powered Robot Optimization at Automate 2024

InOrbit.AI is excited to announce the launch of InOrbit RobOps Copilot™ at Automate 2024. This innovative product harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to turn robot operations data into actionable insights in order to optimize autonomous robot fleets. Leveraging the latest generative AI algorithms and InOrbit’s proprietary data infrastructure, InOrbit RobOps Copilot empowers robotics end users to maximize the potential of every robot.

Discover a Powerhouse of Expertise and Sharpen Your Automation Edge at Automate 2024

Step into the Future of Automation at Acieta’s Booth #4002 at Automate 2024! Unleash your automation edge by harnessing the collective power of Acieta, RoBEX, +Vantage Corporation, and Mid-State Engineering. Discover how our powerhouse of expertise equips you with tailored standard and custom solutions, expert training, and 24/7 support to elevate your operational excellence. With us, you’re not just prepared for the future; you are forging it.


Being innovative means to think out-of-the-box, to challege yourself rethinking whatever you have known until that moment. In Samac we not only do this when we design and build our equipments but in every occasion we get; because it's in our veins, and what's stronger than blood?

KUKA Robotics to Showcase Solutions for Education and Mixed Reality at Automate 2024

Firmly committed to Industry 4.0 and the future of manufacturing, KUKA Robotics will highlight an innovative solution for educating the next generation of workers and collaborate with three universities on cutting edge Mixed Reality (MR) demonstrations at Automate 2024, May 6 – 9 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.

KUKA Robotics Announces Injection Molding Leader ENGEL as a System Partner

Continuing a global relationship that spans more than 20 years, eight-year KUKA Strategic Partner ENGEL, a leader in plastic injection molding machines, technologies and turnkey solutions, has become a KUKA Robotics System Partner. In its new relationship with KUKA, ENGEL will not only continue to incorporate KUKA robots as standard components in its injection molding solutions but also integrate and retrofit KUKA robotic products into existing plastic injection molding machines and systems.

Industrial Edge Controller (BB-400)

Industrial Edge Controller, powered by industrialised Raspberry Pi and Arduino. The BB-400 Industrial Edge Controller is ideal for retrofitting existing equipment or building into a new panel.

Ethernet to 8 Digital IO Lines (ED-008)

Ethernet to DIO device: 8 digital input/output channels. Offers robust and intelligent ‘control side’ devices that provide the interface to systems on the 24V factory floor environment, commonly referred to as ‘process side’.

Ethernet to 3 Relay + 3 Digital In (ED-038)

Ethernet to DIO device: 3 Form A Relays and 3 Digital Inputs. Designed for harsh environments and can be controlled over TCP/IP using the Modbus TCP protocol or simple ASCII commands.

Ethernet to 4 Analogue Outputs + ASCII Gateway (ED-560)

The ED-560 has 4 Analogue Outputs + RS485 Expansion. It is suitable for high-precision control of voltages and currents.

Ethernet to 8 Digital Inputs and 8 Digital Outputs + ASCII Gateway (ED-588)

Ethernet to DIO device: 8 non-isolated digital input channels and 8 digital output channels

1 Port to RS232 Ethernet to Serial Adapter (ES-246)

1 Port to RS232 Ethernet to Serial Adapter, providing you with simple instant networked serial ports

2 Port RS232 Ethernet to Serial Adapter (ES-257)

2 Port RS232 Ethernet to Serial Adapter, providing you with simple instant networked serial ports

5 Port Unmanaged Ethernet Switch Wall Mountable (SW-005)

5 Port Ethernet Switch with galvanically Isolated Ports. Power supply with wide voltage range means it can be powered from USB or on the 24V factory floor.

8 Port Unmanaged Ethernet Switch Wall Mountable (SW-008)

8 Port Ethernet Switch with galvanically Isolated Ports. Power supply with wide voltage range means it can be powered from USB or on the 24V factory floor.

Industrial Embeddable 4 Port Ethernet Switch (SW-104)

4 Port Ethernet Switch with galvanically Isolated Ethernet Ports capable of 10/100 Mbps.

Industrial Embeddable 5 Port Ethernet Switch (SW-105)

5 Port Ethernet Switch with galvanically Isolated Ethernet Ports capable of 10/100 Mbps

Industrial Ethernet 4 Port Switch DIN Rail Mountable (SW-504)

4 Port Ethernet Switch with galvanically Isolated Ethernet Ports capable of 10/100 Mbps

Industrial Compact Ethernet 5 Port Switch DIN Rail Mountable (SW-505)

5 Port Compact Ethernet Switch with galvanically Isolated Ethernet Ports capable of 10/100 Mbps

Industrial Ethernet 8 Port Switch DIN Rail Mountable (SW-508)

8 Port Ethernet Switch with galvanically Isolated Ports. Industrial temperature range of -40°C to +80°C (-40°F to 176°F) and dual input redundant power supply

Ultra 1 Port RS232 Isolated USB to Serial Adapter (US-159)

Tough ultra small isolated USB to serial adapter suitable for any environment. The closest you can get to an integrated serial port. High retention USB connector for an unbreakable connection.

1 Port RS422/485 USB to Serial Adapter (US-324)

USB to Serial adapter providing one RS422/485 serial port. Drivers for all popular operating systems including Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP

Reshoring manufacturing to the US: how AI can help

Discover how AI can revolutionize manufacturing reshoring back to the US! Learn how supply chain disruptions and labor shortages can be overcome through the use of advanced automation.

How to overcome Vision AI automation hurdles

Unlock success in industrial Vision AI automation! Overcome scaling hurdles and streamline pipeline management. Robovision empowers non-experts to adapt AI models seamlessly, ensuring scalability and revenue predictability.

Industrial mass customisation & the role of AI

Discover why the traditional one-size-fits-all approach in manufacturing is evolving. Mass customization, driven by dynamic market forces, demands flexible production processes. With AI integration, machine builders unlock real-time decision-making and scalable solutions, redefining industry standards.

ABB AI-powered robotic solutions

ABB to showcase latest AI-powered robotic solutions at Automate 2024

AngleLock to Introduce First 7th Axis Linear Shaft Motor Gantry for Industry 4.0 at Automate 2024

Arrow-1 is equipped with Edge to Cloud AI analytics and can optimize operations, perform predictive maintenance, and adapt to varying manufacturing conditions without human intervention. The gantry’s sophisticated control systems ensure movements are exact and repeatable. It can easily run in dirty industrial environments and performs flawlessly under water. The AngleLock high strength aluminum framing system is customized to handle a shaft motor.

BizLink's FieldLink® AS-Interface cables

AS-Interface technology is an alternative to conventional parallel wiring of sensors and actuators. The automation technology's foundation is AS-Interface yellow profile cable. BizLink offers a wide range of AS-Interface cables for various applications in different environments.

Moog's Slip Ring and Rotary Union Enable Automaker’s Robot Arm to Turn Screws Precisely

Robotic arm precision with combination slip ring and rotary unions.

2024 Joseph F. Engelberger Award

2024 Leadership recognition.

Green Circuits to Spotlight Expertise in Robotics for Industrial Automation at Automate Show

As a leader in the industry, Green Circuits has more than 30 years of experience culminating in an extensive knowledge of printed circuit board fabrication and assembly. The company is built on a commitment to quality and a focus on speed and service.

Sensors. Software. Solutions. AI.

Welcome to FactorySmart® at Automate 2024! LMI Technologies is a global leader in the 3D scanning and inspection industry. We focus on delivering complete inspection solutions that provide our customers the measurement results they need, with greater easy of use, less system complexity, and lower total cost.And you can see the smart 3D advantage in action at this year’s Automate show.

New M500U Unit Load AGV from Daifuku

???????Daifuku is pleased to introduce a new addition to its Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) product line, the M500U Unit Load. This new compact AGV, which can carry loads up to 4,000 pounds, is available with conveyor decks or lifts to accommodate the customer’s specific needs. It is ideal for the Warehousing and Distribution markets.

Mundt Builds Custom Stages

Choosing a ready-made stage close to what you need is no longer your only option.

Wibu-Systems' CodeMeter provides software protection and monetization technologies for manufacturers of robotics, machine vision, and other smart automation products.

Wibu-Systems USA, a leader in the software licensing and protection market and member of the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), will exhibit its CodeMeter software protection and licensing solutions at the Automate Show, booth 2185



Excelitas showcasing specialized sensing and imaging technologies at Automate 2024 Show in Chicago, May 6-9

Excelitas Technologies will present a series of product demonstrations related to its sensing, detection, and imaging technologies, including: - Realtime LiDAR 3D cloud imaging demonstration; - High-speed object recognition demo; - Automated industrial OCT imaging demonstration; - An integrated widefield imaging demo; - TPiS 1S 1385 Calipile® SMD demonstration for motion detection and presence monitoring; and, - The new pco.scheimpflug Camera Adapter.

KVM Display Management — the new way to KVM

More than ever, users depend on display management for sharing data easily and securely

Vecow Introduces ECS-4700 Marine-grade Rugged Compact System

Featuring 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i7/i5 Processor, the EN60945 ECS-4700 is well suited for AI applications in demanding environments such as Marine, Machine Vision, Mobile NVR, and various Edge AI applications.

Pleora Brings GigE Vision Software Connectivity to Wider Range of Cameras, Sensors, and Embedded Devices with Expanded eBUS Edge Platform

Labforge designs eBUS Edge into high resolution smart cameras for industrial automation and robotics applications, to be demoed at Automate 2024

AngleLock Technology Shatters T-Slot Paradigm

If you’ve been using the same T-slot aluminum framing systems for decades you probably (and justifiably) think they come with application limitations and some undesirable characteristics. However, if you haven’t looked at AngleLock technology, your assumptions are entirely wrong.

Vecow Introduces ABP-4000 Ultra-Compact Embedded System

Featuring 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i7/i5/i3 Processor, the ABP-4000 is low power consumption and features an ultra-slim design, making it well suited for AI applications in space-saving environments such as Machine Vision, AMR, Digital Signage, Kiosk, and other Edge AI applications.

DuraLabel Demonstrates the Industry’s Most Versatile and Easy-To-Use Sign and Label Print Systems at Automate 2024.

Discover the future of safety and efficiency at Automate Expo 2024, as DuraLabel leads the charge towards safe and productive workplaces. Visit booth #5141 and witness firsthand how DuraLabel’s label and sign print systems are advancing industries.

Dorner to Showcase Innovative Automation Technologies at Booth 1224 at Automate 2024

Dorner is set to unveil its latest innovations in assembly technology at Automate 2024 in Chicago alongside their partner company montratec. With a focus on enhancing efficiency and reliability in production environments, both Dorner and montratec will present a lineup of demo conveyors designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

ArcWorld HC – A Flexible Human-Collaborative Workcell for Robotic Welding

Designed for human-collaborative (HC) interaction, the highly flexible ArcWorld HC is a complete robotic welding solution for the fabrication of small- to medium-size parts. Ideal for replacing or supplementing manual weld processes, such as pre-assembly before welding in larger robotic workcells, this pre-engineered mobile cart system is well-suited for high-mix, low-volume production.

Easy to Install ArcWorld LC Workcells Optimize Productivity for Lighter Volume Fabrication

Featuring a space-saving design with single or dual workstation configurations, the ArcWorld LC (Lite Cell) robotic welding system is ideal for fabricators with lighter volume requirements for small- to medium-part welding. Providing efficiency and consistent weld quality, the AW-LC is fast and simple to install or relocate.

Flexible, High-Speed Robotic Parcel Induction for Fast, Accurate Order Fulfillment

Highly flexible, robust robotic automation provides fast, accurate parcel induction and singulation in dynamic, order fulfillment settings. Easily integrated with a wide range of traditional sortation and packaging applications, customized robotic solutions can facilitate fluid piece picking and placing of items onto conveyors for rapid material handling of boxes, polybags and padded envelopes of varying sizes.

Smart Pendant Software Version 3.0 Expands Ease of Use and Application Support

Featuring multiple improvements and optimization, Yaskawa’s Smart Pendant software version 3.0 extends capability for the highly intuitive and easy-to-use Smart Pendant. Building on prior software updates, the highly efficient Smart Pendant v3.0 adds basic arc welding support to the proven tablet-style pendant that allows quick robotic implementation of basic assembly, injection molding, inspection, machine tending, material handling, and pick and place tasks.

Yaskawa’s HC30PL Collaborative Robot Features Robust 30 kg Payload Capacity

Featuring a robust 30 kg payload and 1,700 mm maximum reach, the easy-to-use six-axis HC30PL human-collaborative robot facilitates safe and efficient fenceless palletizing, and can also be deployed in select handling, packaging and logistical applications of demanding production environments.

Direct Teach, Plug and Play (DTP) Collaborative Robots Enhance Yaskawa’s HC-Series Line

Highly reliable, the six-axis HC10DTP and HC20DTP collaborative robots enrich easy capability for Yaskawa’s HC-series line. Hand-guided programming allows users to direct teach points without a pendant, and an ISO standard tool flange and electrical connections facilitate a plug and play approach for easy deployment of the robot system.

Extremely Fast, Space-Efficient Yaskawa GP8L Extended Reach Robot Optimizes Throughput in Tight Production Spaces

The versatile, extended reach GP8L robot offers extremely fast performance in a compact footprint, maximizing floorspace utilization for greater production efficiency. Ideal for logistics processes, this six-axis robot is well-suited for high-speed bin picking, induction and packaging tasks. Applications for assembly, dispensing, material handling and machine tending are also expertly supported.

HC-Series Robots Facilitate Collaborative Welding for Increased Productivity

Specifically designed to add robotic welding capacity to current production, the six-axis HC10 and HC20 human-collaborative robots enable operation with, or in close proximity to human workers. Ideal for supplementing manual welding or for rolling up to large, heavy workpieces with its 1,379 mm reach, the 10-kg payload HC10 can be easily repurposed depending on production needs. The HC20 model offers even greater reach at 1,900 mm and an increased payload of 20 kg.

Yaskawa Motoman GP7, GP8, GP12 Robots Provide High-Speed Handling to Boost Productivity

Ideal for high-speed assembly and handling applications, the GP7, GP8 and GP12 robots are fast, compact and efficient. Each of these six-axis robots offer the highest payload, fastest speed and highest wrist allowable moment in its class.

Yaskawa Motoman AR-Series Robots Offer High-Speed Welding to Boost Productivity

Designed specifically for arc welding applications, the AR-series six-axis robots offer optimized acceleration/deceleration control for all robot axes, resulting in overall improved productivity. These high-performance robots are available with 8 to 25 kg payload capacity in order to support a wide variety of sensors and torches for welding application flexibility. The AR-series robots offer the highest payload, fastest speed and highest wrist allowable moment in their class.

Universal Weldcom Interface: An Easy-to-Use Pendant Application for Arc Welding

Universal Weldcom Interface (UWI), an easy-to-use pendant application, enables full utilization of the advanced capabilities on select Fronius, Miller®, Lincoln Electric®, SKS and OTC digital welding power supplies. UWI enables easy control of any weld process or parameter, including voltage, amperage and wire feed speed through a common user interface for either brand.

Pallet Builder Simplifies Robotic Palletizing Systems with Code-Free Capability

Expanding Smart Pendant capability, the easy-to-use Pallet Builder™ extension enables quick development and deployment of palletizing cells. Designed for single pick and place tasks, this intuitive user interface utilizes a robust database and guided prompts to facilitate no-code programming for workcell configuration and pallet pattern setup.

Champion Awards Acknowledge Yaskawa's Dedicated Support for the ARM Institute

A member and strong supporter of the ARM (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing) Institute since its formation in 2017, Yaskawa America Inc., Motoman Robotics Division (Yaskawa Motoman) is pleased to announce two company employees as recipients of the ARM Champion Award. Receiving the awards over a two-year consecutive period are Clint Chapman, Sr. Manager of Strategic Partner Relations, and Roger Christian, Division Leader for New Business Development.

Micromachining & Miniaturization with the Mundt AB-200150-5 Laser Workstation

Extreme accuracies, perfect for small parts

The Mundt Air-Bearing Stage

The perfect tool for micromachining small parts

New Innovation from Mundt & Associates

Expanded gas coverage with delivery nozzle

Find Your Industrial Glove Box Solution with Mundt’s Advanced Laser Technology

Mundt offers standard & custom-built glove boxes

Mundt 1812-5-Axis Laser Tube Cutting Workstation

Tube cutting with a laser workstation

Mundt Delivers Proven Technology for Micromachining & Miniaturization

Proven Technology for miniaturization

Mundt Standard Laser Workstations

11 different options available

Stäubli Robotics Is Changing the Way Work Works: Discover How at Automate 2024

Live demos, exhibits, and hands-on experiences will focus on robot-based automation solutions that realize the vision to “make work easy and safe”

CADDi Appoints Chris Brown as Vice President of Sales to Propel Growth in the Manufacturing Industry

- Seasoned Business Development Leader Assumes Role to Expand Reach of Flagship "CADDi Drawer" Solution - Brown Set to Lead Sales Growth of the Only Manufacturing Technology Organization Named a Fast Company 2024 Most Innovative Company

FRAMOS to showcase automation solutions at the largest robotics and automation show in North America

At FRAMOS booth #5421 visitors will be able to explore a live demonstration of their newly launched FSM:GO optical image sensor modules for embedded vision systems that provide the best-in-class Off-The-Shelf image quality as well as a visual representation of the well-known FRAMOS D400e product line of industrial 3D depth cameras for the industrial and ruggedized environment.

Automate 2024: Cincoze Will Display AI Edge Computing Solutions

Rugged embedded computer brand – Cincoze, will be at Automate 2024 (South Hall, Stand 1062) in Chicago, USA, on May 6–9, 2024. Cincoze will display its range of world-class industrial embedded computing products around the theme of “Comprehensive AI Edge Computing Solutions” encompassing the full spectrum of industrial application environments in four dedicated zones, including the Rugged Embedded Computers, Industrial Panel PCs & Monitors, Embedded GPU Computers, and New Products.

Automation and Robotics

We offer individual products, complete solutions, service and support “everything from one source".

Bihl+Wiedemann's AS-Interface solution for RIELEC: Automated Package Sorting with ASi-5

Sorting 1800 cartons per hour to the correct vehicle for further transport by parcel services requires either a considerable number of people, or a flexible and cost-effective intralogistics solution like the RIELEC Fit Sorter package sorter, which relies on ASi-5 and ASi Safety from Bihl+Wiedemann.

Pepperl+Fuchs's Solution for a High-Speed Baggage Handling System Controlled via the Modern KE5 ASi-3 Gateway and with RFID Technology

By replacing the old stainless steel gateways at this airport baggage handling system, many IIoT benefits can be taken advantage of. Precise positioning and 100 % reliable detection via RFID lay additional foundations for success. The gateway boasts a compact design and cost efficiency with a high-resolution external color display. Bridged spring terminals enable UL-compliant installation. The highlight, however, is the parallel diagnostics function via the REST API protocol.

SpatiumXG Launches Revolutionary Private 5G Wireless Network with AI/ML, Promising Unprecedented Connectivity

SpatiumXG harnesses the latest shared AI/ML based private 5g cellular spectrum options available worldwide to deliver a distinctive 5G LAN architecture, offering secured , cost effective, streamlined and automated deployment of cellular wireless technology for enterprises and integrators .This cutting edge architecture is designed to simplify the deployment process and enable organizations to take full advantage of the benefits of private wireless networks which enhances and supports industry

Maximise Productivity, Reduce Emissions: Monitoring Machine Data in Die-Casting

Maximise productivity and reduce emissions with Brainboxes Remote IO: Increasing sustainability with automotive machine monitoring, from TTL to high-voltage, high-current industrial devices

Industrial 5 Port PoE Plus Gigabit Ethernet Switch (SW-535)

Industrial Compact 5 Port PoE Plus Gigabit Ethernet device. Simplify industrial setups with streamlined power and automatic PoE, setting the standard for efficient CCTV and Vision Systems.

Pure Embedded 10/100 5 Port Industrial Ethernet Switch (SW-195)

PE-505 Pure Embedded 5 Port Industrial Ethernet Switch. Pure compatibility, pure stability, pure design. The perfect fit for any stable, future-proof system, even where space is limited.

SFP & Sustainable Energy Management

The integration of versatile SFP tech with Gigabit Ethernet's high-speed capabilities enables seamless scalability, allows businesses to easily expand and adapt their network as their data needs change.

Discover PoE Gigabit: Streamlined Power, Enhanced Vision

Simplify industrial setups with PoE Gigabit Ethernet switches: high data speeds, streamlined power and automatic PoE, setting the standard for efficient CCTV and Vision Systems.

1 Port RS232 to Serial Adapter (US-101)

1 Port RS-232 USB to Serial Adapter - proven to work where many other converters don't.

Cervoz at Automate Show 2024: Pioneering Compact, High-Performance Solutions for Next-Gen Manufacturing

Cervoz showcases its pioneering compact, high-performance storage, memory, and expansion solutions for machine vision, edge computing, AIoT, and next-gen manufacturing at Automate Show 2024 in Chicago.

Vis-SWIR broad spectrum (400-2000)nm camera with Quantum Dot technology.

Vis-SWIR Cameras utilising quantum dot technology with high speed, high dynamic range & wide spectral range (400-2000)nm features.

Longtime enVista CEO and Co-Founder, Jim Barnes, Returns as CEO to Lead enVista’s Next Chapter of Growth

Barnes departed the company 18 months ago as part of the acquisition of enVista’s software solutions and replaces current CEO John Stitz who plans to retire.

OnLogic Unveils Rugged Panel PCs For Manufacturing, Logistics, and Energy Management

New modular all-in-one solutions have thousands of configuration options to provide reliable data access and visualization in challenging environments.

OnLogic Unveils Rugged Panel PCs For Manufacturing, Logistics, and Energy Management

New modular all-in-one solutions have thousands of configuration options to provide reliable data access and visualization in challenging environments.

Machine Vision: MVTec presents itself and its software products at Automate

• Exchange with long-standing partners, customers and interested parties is the focus of the trade fair appearance • Machine vision portfolio enables complete automation workflows • MVTec has been represented in the USA with a subsidiary since 2007

K-Robot Beyond Smart Power

Move the world with K-Robot

LEX SYSTEM 3I130TW - Powerful in-vehicle solution 3I130TW-3.5

LEX SYSTEM Announce 3I130TW - Powerful in-vehicle solution 3I130TW-3.5" Plus SBC with 13th Gen. Intel ® Raptor Lake Processor

LEX SYSTEM 2I640PW - Discover more flexibility & shorter development time with LEX PICO Express® technology

Excited to share: LEX SYSTEM 2I640PW, the next-gen compact computer module! Powered by the Intel Atom® x6000E series processor and LPDDR4 onboard memory, 2I640PW integrates Pico-Express technology connector. Seamlessly linking to the carrier board through LEX Pico-Express pin-connectors, it unlocks a myriad of possibilities.

LEX SYSTEM 2N8MP01 - Compact Edge AI Solution with NXP i.MX8M Plus / ARM Cortex processors

NET-II 2N8MP01 is an extremely compact fanless DIN-Rail computer with dimensions measuring just 120W x 90D x 55H mm. It features NXP i.MX8M Plus (Quad-core) ARM Cortex A53 processor & onboard 4GB /8GB LPDDR4 for space-restricted applications such as factory data collection, AIoT , Machine Learning and Edge gateway.

MiR Launches Autonomous Pallet Jack

Autonomous Pallet Jack with unprecedented precision hits the market!

Laramie County Community College to Unveil New SmartCIM 4.0 from Intelitek

Community college will use the Computer Integrated Manufacturing training environment for multiple programs, including a planned robotics program

LUCID to Showcase Latest 3D Time-of-Flight and GigE Vision Cameras at Automate 2024

Richmond, BC, Canada – March 19, 2024 – LUCID Vision Labs, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative industrial vision cameras, is set to showcase its latest advancements at Automate 2024, North America’s largest robotics and automation event, taking place in Chicago from May 6-9, 2024. Discover our product highlights in booth #3184.

straton software

straton software covers all areas of industry and automation control, from embedded solutions to software PLCs. It is mainly dedicated to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), as well as hardware and software manufacturers.

WPI establishes Master's Degree in Artificial Intelligence to prepare students for growing field.

To help meet the demand for professionals with expertise in the rapidly evolving field of artificial intelligence (AI), Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) has launched a new degree program in AI that will offer students the opportunity to earn a master’s degree, a combined bachelor’s/master’s degree, or a graduate certificate through courses, projects, and thesis work.

OMNI edge from THK provides predictive failure detection to eliminate extended downtime for critical machines.

Predictive analysis allows you to break big data into bite-sized chunks, suggesting future outcomes and pointing out what you can learn from past events like machine breakdowns.

Mounting accuracy key issue in gear system design

Understanding how mounting accuracy affects gearing performance.


Jergens to display it’s workholding automation components at Automate ’24 MT-S Spindle Gripper

CODESYS VIRTUAL PLC - The latest evolution of Industrial Automation 5.0

Visit CODESYS at Booth #1587 and see the new products CODESYS Virtual Control SL and CODESYS Virtual Safe Control for hardware-independent scalable solutions.

Small housing, big operating range: Thanks to TOF technology, the new ODT3CL1-2M

A real marvel when it comes to distance Small housing, big operating range: Thanks to TOF technology, the new ODT3CL1-2M compact diffuse sensor from Leuze achieves an operating range of up to two meters. The 2-in-1 sensor detects the presence of objects and at the same time transmits measurement values.

Wibu-Systems to Showcase its CodeMeter Software Protection and Licensing Solutions for Industrial Automation Products

Wibu-Systems USA, a leader in the software licensing and protection market and member of the Association for Advancing Automation, will exhibit its CodeMeter software protection and licensing solutions at the Automate Show, Booth 2185, in Chicago, May 6 -9, 2024. CodeMeter offers proven use cases for global manufacturers of robotics, machine vision, AI, machine learning, motors and motion controllers, and other software-driven intelligent machines.

Looking to reduce the number of different sensors used in your systems, the 420B and 412B series from Leuze are the right choice.

Easy and flexible use Thanks to an adjustable sound cone and small dead zone, the new Leuze ultrasonic sensors of the 420B and 412B series can be used for many different applications.

AMS 100i - smallest laser positioning systems available on the market.

Leuze sets new standard for compact positioning system The AMS 100i from Leuze is one of the smallest laser positioning systems available on the market. This makes it the perfect solution for tight installations spaces.

UniDrive® ONE Motors: Transforming Automation with ACG's Visionary Innovation

In the dynamic realm of automation, Automation Controls Group (ACG) emerges as a beacon of innovation. Central to their groundbreaking solutions is the UniDrive® ONE motor series, redefining benchmarks in roller conveyor drives, reliability, and efficiency in material handling. ACG's reputation as an industry leader is built on pushing technological boundaries. The UniDrive® ONE motor series, a flagship product, reflects the company's commitment to cutting-edge solutions for the future.

LEX SYSTEM 2NOR01 - Edge AI Solution with NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX / Nano platform

LEX SYSTEM 2NOR01 leverage the NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX / Nano modules to deliver AI performance with 40 up to 100(TOPS) at the edge which is uniquely suited to AI video compute-intensive applications. 2NOR01 delivers I/O including 3 x LAN, 2 x HDMI, 1 x Nano SIM, 4 x USB 3.1, 1 x Type C USB 3.1/2.0 (OTG), 1 x USB, 2.0,3 x M.2, 2 x COM ,1 x CANBus, HD Audio for implementing AI video solutions and can fulfill requirements in various applications.

Cleaning-Optimized Leveling Feet

When strict hygiene standards are in place, it's essential to use the appropriate optimized parts. However, even in less sensitive areas, optimized parts are just as valuable, starting with the leveling feet.

Signal Feedback Included

Undoubtedly, JW Winco standard parts are becoming even more functional - multifunctional, to be precise. Suitable for a wide range of applications, such as remote monitoring of the fill and temperature levels in hydraulic tanks, displaying process situations, or reporting the position of parts in machines.

Quasi Robotics Announces Updated Model C2 Autonomous Mobile Cart

The C2’s latest enhancements focus on improved user experience with a new mobile app, as well as equipment upgrades including advanced environmental sensors, faster charging, and a new stereo camera for enhanced localization and mapping.

Pleora RapidPIX™ Compression Brings Bandwidth Boost to Vision Applications

Patented RapidPIX™ lossless compression helps designers boost performance without adding costs by increasing data throughput over installed Ethernet infrastructure

Pleora Technologies and Skoopia™ announce first GigE Vision block camera connectivity solution

New Pleora external frame grabber enhances the usability of Skoopia™ block cameras by empowering designers to incorporate them as native GigE Vision® cameras.

SCHNEEBERGER Spotlights Latest Innovative Linear Motion Solutions at Automate 2024

SCHNEEBERGER spotlights its industry-leading precision linear positioning and motion systems, solutions, and deep engineering expertise at Automate, May 06-09, 2024, in booth 1484. Featuring: SCHNEEBERGER MINIRAIL miniature guideways, MONORAIL AMS distance measuring system, gear racks, linear and linear roller guideways, SLA Actuators, mineral cast machine foundations, and more.

Quantum Dot based high ppeed 400fps Vis-SWIR camera with wide spectral range (400-2000)nm

High Speed Vis-SWIR Cameras with wide spectral range 400-2000nm using quantum dot technology.

Vecow Announces SPC-9000 Ultra-Compact Fanless System Powered by Intel® Core™ Ultra Processor

Featuring the latest Intel® Core™ Ultra Processor, the Vecow SPC-9000 provides innovations in Factory Management, Data Acquisition, AMR, Smart Retail, and other Edge AI applications

Computar Introduces the MPX 16MP, 2/3


Computar Releases a 45MP and 20MP Ruggedized Lens Series

45MP and 20MP lenses ruggedized for harsh environments

Introducing a 520-1300mm SWIR Reflex Zoom Lens

Compact, lightweight, and engineered for the latest 1/1.8" visible + SWIR imaging sensors (IMX990/IMX99145).

NFC as configuration interface instead of cables and adapter boxes - simple and smart

Discover the future of sensor fine-tuning with Wachendorff Automation's innovative solution—NFC replaces cables and adapter boxes, enabling seamless encoder configuration directly from your smartphone. Experience simplicity and intelligence in automation like never before. Save time, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability with our cutting-edge Near Field Communication technology.

Universal Industrial Ethernet encoder with PROFINET, EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP

World's most compact Industrial Ethernet encoder

The new length measuring system LMSCA

Ultra-compact and industrially robust length measuring system

The innovative length measuring system LMS MA

The innovative length measuring system LMS MA ... can now be combined with absolute encoders

MIRAI 2: More reliable, more scalable, easier to deploy

We are excited to announce MIRAI 2, the latest generation of our AI-vision software designed to widen what's possible in robotic automation. This new version represents a significant step forward, embodying our commitment to delivering more reliable, scalable, and user-friendly automation solutions.

mk North America Unveils Cutting-Edge Automation Solutions at Automate 2024

mk North America is set to unveil an exciting addition to their VersaFlex product line at Automate 2024.


At Samac we believe that the most important resource of a company are its people and for this reason we are able to do our best when we work to help them doing their job in the most efficient and safe way. Read more to discover how we have done it in our most recent case study.

Introducing the FireNEX-80G USB Extension Systems

Extend up to eight USB 3.2 10Gbps devices up to 700m

HIWIN Corporation returns to AUTOMATE 2024!

HIWIN Corporation returns to AUTOMATE 2024 in Chicago, IL with an impressive array of demos that feature a multitude of linear and rotary motion control components along with their accompanying motors, drives and controllers.

Mitutoyo America Corporation to Exhibit at Automate

Mitutoyo America Corporation will exhibit at Automate, in Chicago, IL Booth #1272. Products will include AI Software and high speed CNC CMM equipment.


Romaric has become a part of camLine Group, a leading German-based company specializing in industrial software. As part of Elisa Industriq, this acquisition not only combines our strengths to enhance our offerings but also marks a significant expansion in camLine’s service offerings, particularly within the US market.

SQUICH® and AXYR® tool-less inserts series

Wide range of tool-less inserts for a simple, fast and safe wiring

We are manufacturers of signal lights for automation

Located in GuangZhou south railway station area,GuangZhou Otennlux lighting Technology Co., Ltd.,was established in 2008. It's a high tech company which specializing in cnc machine LED working light, machine vision light , outdoor light ,led signal tower light , LED warning light , surface-mounted,tube light,Flexible-Head Spot light ,Pivoting-Head LED,Arm-Mounted,Bracket Light,Magnifier,Multi-Functional Signal light ,and so on.Our products can be made IP67,IP68 and IP69K level waterproof

Getting the Job Done: 10 Customers Winning with Cognex

In 2023, Cognex shared stories from 10 partners that were successfully building their businesses and integrating new ideas thanks to our machine vision technology. These partners have proven that AI and machine vision technology can deliver successful results in all kinds of industries and applications. Let’s take a look back on our journey of successful collaboration with incredible companies.

Kübler Introduces Cutting-Edge Encoder & Slip Rings for Seamless Data Transmission

Encoder & Slip Rings for Seamless Data Transmission

Kübler expands its product portfolio in inclinometers

Kübler expands its product portfolio in inclinometers.

IO-Link Encoders from Kübler

IO-Link Encoders from Kübler

CJ Logistics sees 20 percent increase in productivity following installment of industry-first private 5G network

CJ Logistics, a global logistics leader that operates in 36 countries worldwide, has partnered with Ericsson to deploy the first full-scale commercial private 5G network within the logistics sector at its Ichiri centre in Icheon City, South Korea.

Telia and Ericsson switch on Private 5G network in Tallinn to enable smart factory transformation in the Baltics

Ericsson and Telia have joined forces to launch the Baltics’ first enterprise 5G private network at Ericsson’s Supply Site in Tallinn, Estonia.

New Ericsson solutions boost indoor 5G capacity and precise location services

Ericsson has expanded its indoor mobile connectivity portfolio with three new easy-to-deploy and cost-efficient solutions aimed at delivering 5G coverage, capacity and capabilities across the interior of any work or business environment – regardless of the size or complexity of the building. The new solutions become part of the Ericsson Radio Dot System portfolio, further increasing the flexibility of this industry-leading portfolio.

5G Steel: the first enhanced mobile broadband use cases to decarbonize the steel industry and work in mobility on an industrial site in France

ArcelorMittal France announces the operational launch of 5G Steel, the largest 4G/5G network in the industrial environment, with Orange Business Services and Ericsson. The initiative, supported by the French government as part of the France Relance economy revival plan, is now enabling the first industrial use cases to be implemented at the ArcelorMittal site in Dunkerque.

Avoiding Environmental Disasters, From Up Above

Flyscan has developed a one-of-a-kind platform to detect potential threats and oil leaks on pipelines. Their mission is to protect the environment, their clients, and the public, all the while simplifying regulatory compliance.


Patates Dolbec is the largest potato producer in eastern Canada. The company cultivates nearly 10,000 acres of land in the Portneuf region and has vertically integrated itself over the years. Today, Patates Dolbec cultivates, transforms and packages a wide variety of potatoes destined to the North American market.


Samac: worldwide provider of automation solutions for assembly and testing processes.

IAR GROUP launches new SONTEC Inspection System


Ericsson works with AWS and Hitachi America R&D to showcase smart factory potential

In collaboration with Ericsson and AWS, learn how Hitachi America R&D is leading the manufacturing industry to innovate a groundbreaking computer vision solution, leveraging private 5G wireless, cloud, and AI/ML models. This result enables manufacturers to detect product defects more precisely and earlier in the production process for improved product quality and reduced cost of waste.


At the end of the day, in a cleanroom: time is money. Cleanrooms are expensive to operate and, while they are running, they have a lot to do. Technicians gown up and put their expertise to work on various applications. But due to the nature of cleanrooms, SOPs and regulations must be minded. So there is constant documentation. This tedious documentation – when done by humans....

EV Battery Manufacturing: A Journey of Precision and Particle Contamination Control

The rapid rise of electric vehicles (EVs) has brought about a surge in demand for high-quality lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are the heart of EVs, providing the power needed to propel these vehicles. However, manufacturing lithium-ion batteries is a complex process that demands meticulous control over various factors, including particle contamination.


Myth or truth: electric vehicle batteries are just as bad for the environment as driving a gas-powered car.


The Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP) were developed by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) for pharmaceutical cleanrooms. The ISPE remains the governing body for GAMP. According to ISPE, GAMP is, “A system for producing quality equipment using the concept of prospective validation following a life cycle model. Specifically designed to aid suppliers and users in the pharmaceutical industry”.


For years now, robots and automation have been making their way into pharmaceutical production. Lately, though, the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm in the form of ChatGPT: a uniquely human AI bot that will have conversations with you, research for you, and adapt to what you ask it to do.


Your Contamination Control Strategy (CCS) is the foundation of your cleanroom. This is where you plan how to avoid contamination, what to do in the event there is a breach, and prove that you have done your homework.


The article is mainly focused on the impact, causes and reduction of particle generation during the manufacturing of Li-ion cells. Therefore, it is sub-divided into three sections as each aspect is equally important to study the topic in detail. Sections are listed below.

Robotic Assembly Lines

Since 1982 Cosberg has been designing and building tailor-made machines and solutions to automate assembly processes

Battling Particle Contamination in EV Battery Manufacturing

In the rapidly evolving landscape of electric vehicle (EV) technology, the spotlight is increasingly on the role of lithium-ion batteries. Central to their reliability and safety is the manufacturing process, which faces a formidable yet often overlooked adversary: particle contamination.

Alysium-Tech Unveils Breakthrough Interconnect Solutions at Automate 2024

Get ready for a connectivity revolution! Alysium-Tech is set to unveil groundbreaking innovations at Automate 2024, featuring Adaptive RJ45 Cables and Next-Gen AOC USB Cables. Visit Booth 145 to experience the future of adaptive connectivity and cutting-edge solutions in interconnect technology. Don't miss out on the evolution of seamless connectivity – Alysium-Tech, empowering industries for a connected tomorrow.

Hypertherm Associates addresses key market trends with the latest version its robotic offline programming software, Robotmaster 2024

Addressing key market trends, Robotmaster 2024 supports programming multiple robots in a single work cell and meets the demand for automatic trajectory optimization and robotic error correction. In addition, the software update includes improvements to the cell and tooling editor, as well as improvements to the UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) to ease the programming experience, maximizing productivity for the user.

Trane® saves over 80 hours of robot programming time

Trane is seeing tremendous results from using Robotmaster. Robotic tube rolling has delivered benefits on multiple fronts. First, robotic tube rolling has replaced one of the most labor-intensive steps in the chiller building process. Their robotic systems increased their output by 50% with zero missed tubes. Trane is seeing ~38% improvement in their cycle time since implementing the Robotmaster OLP solution.

Robot programming for polishing aircraft engine lipskins

Robotmaster’s ease of use and flexibility enabled the McStarlite team to manipulate process-specific parameters and achieve the optimal feed-rates, RPM, forces, and the required roughing and finishing passes.

New Scale Robotics Brings Automated Gauging to FANUC America’s CRX Collaborative Robots

Now a FANUC Authorized Systems Integrator (ASI), New Scale Robotics enables manufacturers to automate gauging with FANUC CRX cobots.