May 6–9, 2024 · Chicago, Illinois, USA

Differentiate yourself from the competition and give your career a spark. The Certified Vision Professional (CVP) program can help you do just that. Sharpen your skills, demonstrate your commitment to quality and increase your consideration on end-user bid lists. It’s all possible as a CVP—and your certification awaits at Automate.


The CVP program educates individuals around the world who work with vision and imaging and wish to enhance their knowledge and professional status. Registrants with an All-Access Conference Pass can choose from CVP Basic or CVP Advanced training and certifications.

Anyone interested in advancing their vision knowledge and skills will have the opportunity to take CVP courses and exams in-person as part of the Automate Show Conference in Chicago, May 6–9, 2024.

Learn more about the CVP programs at automate.org