Plus One Robotics Demonstrates High-Speed, High Variability Parcel Handling and Human-in-the-Loop Technology at AUTOMATE 2023


San Antonio, Texas, May 10, 2023 – At AUTOMATE 2023 in booth 419, Plus One Robotics will be demonstrating its parcel handling robotics platform for warehouse and sortation centers including its PickOne parcel induction solution and its human-in-the-loop remote supervision software.

Attendees will not only be able to see a PickOne induction cell in action, but they can also interact with Plus One’s human-in-the-loop software by remotely acting as a Crew Chief during the depalletization of a cell in San Antonio, Texas.

Plus One’s PickOne induction and depalletizing solutions employ award-winning AI vision software in conjunction with unique end-of-arm robot grippers to optimize the picking, placing, and depalletizing of mixed parcels, bags, and pallets for high-volume ecommerce fulfillment and sortation centers. Plus One currently holds an industry-leading metric of over half a billion parcel picks globally.

Plus One’s human-in-the-loop solution allows remotely located humans to supervise multiple robots from any location, guiding the robot in how to handle exceptions. The AI system learns from this intervention to further improve its capabilities if similar situations occur in the future, helping to minimize downtime and enabling 24/7 fulfillment. This frees up labor to handle other more valuable activities and avoid unsafe working conditions.

Plus One Technical Seminar at AUTOMATE 2023
In addition to booth demonstrations, Plus One Co-Founder and CEO Erik Nieves will also present a seminar in Room 321 on Tuesday, May 23 at 10:00 a.m. titled Mitigating Parcel Variability With an Adaptable Vision Perception Software.  In this session, Nieves will discuss the long-tailed and shifting distribution of parcels in fulfillment and distribution centers and how utilizing an adaptable vision system is the best way to approach an increase in volume and variability. Based on the assumption of change, rather than the anticipation of control, humans and AI working together can handle infinite variety as it occurs.

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Plus One Robotics will demonstrate its parcel induction solution at AUTOMATE 2023.

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