Getting the Job Done: 10 Customers Winning with Cognex


In 2023, Cognex shared stories from 10 partners that were successfully building their businesses and integrating new ideas thanks to our machine vision technology. These partners have proven that AI and machine vision technology can deliver successful results in all kinds of industries and applications.

Let’s take a look back on our journey of successful collaboration with incredible companies.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric application with Cognex smart camera

A partnership with Cognex has helped Schneider transition more than 100 sites to smart factories, thanks to easy setup and integration.

  • Type: Electronics Manufacturing
  • Location: Chasseneuil, France
  • Solution: In-Sight 2800, VisionPro Deep Learning, In-Sight D900, In-Sight 3D-L4000, DataMan 8700 Series
  • Benefits: quick and easy installation, flexibility, versatility
  • Quote: “Cognex has been a key partner for Schneider Electric as we have taken our digital transformation journey.”
    – Laurent Chantoiseau, GSC Europe Data & Analytics Director, Schneider Electric

Key Results:

  • AI-based inspection technology improved product quality
  • Cut down on waste by changing machine parameters based on defect data
  • Improved delivery speeds when replicating application blueprints from one site to the next

 Read more or watch the video here 


Herma/OCTUM solution on a pharmaceutical line 

HERMA turns to Cognex for support to deliver a dependable system where precision is crucial to prevent health risks associated with mislabeled products.

  • Type: OEM for Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Location: HERMA: Filderstadt, Germany | OCTUM: Ilsfled, Germany
  • Solution: 2D Machine Vision Systems, VisionPro Software
  • Benefits: Technology is easy to use, integrate, and set up quickly
  • Quote: “It is important that we have partners, such as Cognex, that have the same goal to achieve customer satisfaction through quick support response times during unplanned downtime.” – Patrick Decker-Malaval, Head of Technical Inside Sales, HERMA GmbH

Key Results:

  • Virtual elimination of mislabeling risk with completely automatic process for inspecting and application
  • Image data providers full traceability required for regulatory compliance
  • Partnership with worldwide support for inspection software, labeling machine, and machine vision systems

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Automation NTH

Automation NTH camera scanning machine vision-based automation inspection 

As an OEM tackling complicated customer automation needs, Automation NTH values the ongoing support and innovation Cognex provides.

  • Type: OEM / Automotive, Life Sciences
  • Location: La Vergne, Tennessee
  • Solution: In-Sight D900, VisionPro Deep Learning
  • Benefits: Quick and simple installation, innovation, scalability
  • Quote: “VisionPro and AI have opened up a new door that automation just hasn't been able to solve before…They had tried all kinds of different solutions, but with VisionPro Deep Learning, it was just a matter of training – get a new set of training images and you’re good.” – Keith Johnson, PC Programming Group Manager, Automation NTH

Key Results:

  • Cut scrap rates by better differentiating cosmetic blemishes from functional flaws
  • Reduced costs and increased throughput through machine vision-based automatic inspection

Hear more from Automation NTH here. 

SDI Element Logic

SDI Element Logic camera detecting items on logistics production line

With the successful implementation of the In-Sight 2800, SDI demonstrated its expertise in presence/absence detection on sorting machines, all with a quick and simple setup.

  • Type: OEM / Logistics
  • Location: Pacoima, CA and Melbourne, FL
  • Solution: In-Sight 2800 Detector
  • Benefits: Easy setup, leveraged AI-based edge learning technology
  • Quote: “We anticipate that these newer solutions from Cognex, like the In-Sight 2800 Detector, are going to give us the tools we need to bring that accuracy up to a level that the customer will be happy with. The In-Sight 2800 Detector is a game-changer for presence/absence, detection, and simple classification.” – Dave Bodenheimer, VP Research and Product Development, SDI

Key Results:

  • Launched a 10-camera sorting system in just 4 hours
  • Improved sortation accuracy for retail customers
  • Accurate detection of products not previously identifiable by other solutions

Learn more about it or watch the video here.


Ansomat camera inspecting small parts and operating from mobile phone 

Cognex machine vision systems play a crucial part in empowering OEM’s, like Ansomat, to transform product development, reduce training times, and cut down on scrap rates.

  • Type: Automotive Manufacturer
  • Location: Ghent, Belgium
  • Solution: In-Sight 3800, edge learning tools
  • Benefits: Easy to program, simple setup, scalability
  • Quote: "We selected Cognex’s In-Sight Vision Suite since it was easy to program, even for users without engineering knowledge." — An-Sofie Van Parys, Head of Business Development, Ansomat.

Key Results:

  • Reduced end user training time from three months to one week
  • Reduced claims related to EV batteries by 90%
  • Cut down scrap rates by reducing operator errors at end-user facilities

Explore more details here.

BOS Innovations

BOS Innovations machine vision robot arm working on production line 

For one client, BOS Innovations integrated Cognex's In-Sight 3D-L4000 to automate the bin picking process, improving quality control and throughput.

  • Type:OEM / Power generation
  • Location: London, Ontario, Canada
  • Solution: In-Sight 3D-L4000
  • Benefits: Flawless installation, high quality standards met, flexibility, reliability
  • Quote: “The quick turnaround time, the support they offered during our debug and evaluation phase – all of these were welcome features of working with Cognex.” – Alex Klarenbeek, Senior Project Lead for Vision Systems, BOS Innovations

Key Results:

  • Accelerated processing times and improved productivity
  • Redirected skilled labor efforts towards more critical thinking roles
  • Zero failures recorded since installation

Discover more from BOS Innovations here.

Bluhm Weber

 Bluhm Weber camera reading labels and equipment in production line factory 

Weber Marking Systems, a leading OEM, integrated Cognex technologies into their labeling and coding equipment, optimizing their logistics productivity with immense accuracy and throughput.

  • Type: OEM / Logistics
  • Location: Cologne, Germany
  • Solution: 3D-A1000 Dimensioning System
  • Benefits: Reliability, flexibility, cost reduction
  • Quote: “We can go to customers where we didn't have the right vision solution in the past and present a partner that can supply the ideal cameras and then install, program, and adjust them.” -Jörg Emrich, Project Engineering and Product Management, Bluhm Weber.

Key Results:

  • Product location and label placement solution successfully integrated into labeling system
  • Delivered highly accurate, cost-effective, high-speed printing and application process

Delve deeper into this story here.

Federal Package

Federal Package camera reading label on deodorant item on production line

Using Cognex’s edge learning-based vision systems, Federal Package overcame challenges in packaging inspection, leveraged AI for device processing reaching over 99% accuracy.

  • Type: Contract Manufacturing / Consumer Products
  • Location: Chanhassen, Minnesota, United States
  • Solution: In-Sight 2800
  • Benefits: Highly accurate read rates, fast training speeds, efficiency
  • Quote: “The Cognex edge learning-based vision systems make our best even better.” Jerry Bilse, Senior Vice President of Operations, Federal Package

Key Results:

  • Delivered 100% product-inspection rate
  • Defect detection accuracy rate greater than 99%
  • Achieved brand promise of exceptional quality for customer

Learn more or watch the video here.


OSARO camera analyzing case for glasses on their manufacturing line 

OSARO, an AI robotics company, partnering with lead eyewear retailer Zenni Optical, chose Cognex to ensure effective and precise scans for eyeglass cases, at rates exceeding 99.5%.

  • Type: Logistics
  • Location: Novato, CA
  • Solution: DataMan 370
  • Benefits: Easy and simple implementation, high speed accuracy, reliability
  • Quote: “One of the most important things for my team out in the field is making sure technology is easy to use. With Cognex scanners, it’s just so simple to implement, deploy, and maintain. Their support team was always available at a moment's notice.” – Gemma Ross, VP of Operations, OSARO

Key Results:

  • Boosted throughput by 80%
  • Cut back on labor from 3 individuals to 2 overseeing robotic cells
  • Reached read rates of 95% and 100% accuracy in the processing system
  • Fast processing speeds up to 410 eyeglasses per hour for Zenni

See how here.

American Eagle Outfitters

 American Eagle Outfitters cameras detecting defects in bin on production line 

American Eagle Outfitters, a U.S. clothing retail leader, incorporated 90% of Cognex solutions currently in use at three distribution centers and are transitioning all facilities to Cognex readers.

  • Type: Logistics
  • Location: Hazleton, PA
  • Solution: Modular Vision Tunnels, DataMan 370, DataMan 470 series, 3D-A1000 Dimensioning System
  • Benefits: Easy to locate problems and implement solutions, increased throughput, efficiency, higher read rates
  • Quote: “The fact that we are changing over all of our technology to Cognex speaks to our confidence in them.” ?Brian Poveromo, director of facilities and maintenance, American Eagle Outfitters

Key Results:

  • 5% increase in read rates from previous solutions
  • Inbound, fulfillment, sortation, and outbound processes run on 90% Cognex technology throughout multiple key plants
  • Highly increased logistics throughput
  • Enhanced efficiency in processes from inbound to outbound

Learn more from American Eagle Outfitters here.

These partnerships show how Cognex aids in the innovation of companies across various industries. Together, Cognex and our partners will continue to achieve even more collective growth and success.

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