Samac is a company that strongly believes that the most important resource of a firm are its people, with their creativity and the capability to adapt to unexpected situations. But also these incredible people, men and women of every kind, aren’t perfect and need help sometimes. In these occasions Samac shines brighter than anyone and the following story is a perfect example of this.

CHALLENGE: our customer asked us to find a way to allow him to continue using his plant but making it more ergonomic for the operators.

SOLUTIONS: two cobot, one with a camera and an illuminator to check the presence of all the assembled parts at the end of the assembly line, one with a clamp able to lift and sustain until 25 kg (55 pounds) while the operator does the final double check.


- The operators now don’t have to lift a heavy piece every time they need to check it;

- The check done with the camera is more accurate than before, but they didn’t renounce to the operator’s expertise thanks to the final double-check;

- The security of the operator is guaranteed by the program and all the sensors on the two cobot;

- Quicker process than before when the cobot works automatically.

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