Vis-SWIR broad spectrum (400-2000)nm camera with Quantum Dot technology.


Are you aware of Emberion’s new CQD based Vis-SWIR (400-2000nm) image sensor developments?

Emberion has developed quantum dot based Vis-SWIR sensors and cameras for wide range of applications that can take advantage of its unique benefits such as wide spectral range , high dynamic range (>120dB) & high speed  (400fps full frame) 

Products available now for demonstration, evaluation, and purchase:

  1. VS20-GigE: 400 fps high speed Vis-SWIR camera with GigE Vision Interface.
  2. VS20-Compact: As above but in a size, weight, and power optimized housing.
  3. VS20-Core: As above for integration into high volume end applications.

Innovation Pipeline for release in 2025

  1. Megapixel camera 1280 x 1024
  2. Push broom sensor for hyperspectral imaging applications

Datasheets will be available at the exhibition.

Vis-SWIR Emberion VS20 Compact Camera & Camera Core 


We are excited to showcase our novel Emberion VS20 VIS-SWIR camera compatible with high speed 400fps suitable for various surveillance and machine vision applications. Our VIS-SWIR camera is built around our own unique nanomaterial based VGA array and provides a wide spectral range from 400 to 2000 nm with excellent dynamic range demonstrated e.g. by the image below. It offers a very attractive alternative to existing SWIR cameras. We also have a dense roadmap for the coming where we will be introducing new exciting performance features to our camera. 

Left: Comparison of a video captured with a mobile phone vs a high-speed 400 fps image captured using an Emberion VS20 camera.

Right: Emberion’s Vis-SWIR Compact Camera with GigE Vision.

We would like to highlight the strategic advantage in machine vision & defence applications using Emberion’s detector technology & camera products. Emberion’s high-performance cameras are affordable compared to incumbent InGaAs based units due to manufacturing technology advantages. These advantages will benefit your application.

Company Information:

Emberion designs and manufactures high-performance sensors by integrating CQD nanomaterials with an in-house designed CMOS ROIC. Our newly launched product Emberion VS20 with broad Vis-SWIR spectral response from 400 to 2000 nm coupled with high dynamic range, low noise and 400fps performance allow Emberion to offer cameras and camera cores ideal for numerous applications such as machine vision (plastic recycling, food sorting) , surveillance, and hyperspectral imaging.

We are also developing novel MWIR and ultrawide band (Vis-SWIR-Thermal) range sensors and cameras.

We look forward to showing to you what our new camera can do at our stand # 5562.

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