ABB AI-powered robotic solutions

  • ABB to celebrate 50 years of robotic innovation with new AI-powered technologies that help companies become faster, more flexible and resilient
  • Exhibit on Booth #2239 features the first AI-powered ABB AMR with Visual SLAM navigation, and the global launch of an expanded ABB large robot portfolio

ABB Robotics will celebrate 50 years of robotic innovation with its latest AI-powered robotic solutions that help companies improve production efficiency and quickly adapt to changing market demands at Automate 2024, May 6-9 at McCormick Place in Chicago (Main Booth #2239; Education Pavilion Booth #5672).

ABB’s investment in AI, including the recent acquisition of AI-enabled 3D vision navigation specialist company Sevensense, underlines ABB’s strategic investment focus on innovative AI solutions transforming industries, such as logistics and manufacturing. This technology addresses customer needs for greater flexibility and intelligence amidst critical skilled labor shortages.

”While our 50 year legacy of global robotic leadership is a tremendous milestone, ABB’s focus is on serving current and future customers of all sizes with the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of industrial and collaborative robots, Autonomous Mobile Robots and machine automation solutions,” said John Bubnikovich, ABB’s US Robotics Division President.  ”The recently completed, $20 million expansion of our robot facility in Michigan will bring us closer to our US customers as we help them build resilient competitive advantages in their respective industries.”

Highlights of ABB’s Automate booth include a car component manufacturing demo with three ABB six-axis robots, one representing the expansion of ABB’s robot portfolio to be officially launched on the first day of the show.

Two AMRs will be showcased, including ABB’s first AI-powered AMR with Visual SLAM navigation technology, which offer an unprecedented combination of speed, accuracy, and payload.  

There will also be an area with four GoFa™ collaborative robots displaying their ability to handle a diverse range of applications; an AI-enabled robotic item picking cell; a digital corner with ABB’s latest software innovations; and a FlexPicker® delta picking robot with B&R ACOPOStrak Intelligent Track and ACOPOS6D Technology.   

Additionally, a STEM Education Package in the Education Pavilion (Booth #5672) with an accompanying collaborative robot training cart showcases ABB’s initiative to inspire students to pursue advanced manufacturing careers while preparing them for the future of work. 

More detail on ABB’s Automate 2024 demos:

Car Component Manufacturing Demo

ABB provides a range of welding solutions to join aluminum or steel parts that help Auto OEMs and Tier Suppliers assemble car components more efficiently, accurately and safely. The demo represents a sub-assembly process, featuring the following equipment:

  • New large ABB robot (to be globally launched on May 6) – Performing Material Handling
  • IRB 6730 – Performing Spot Welding
  • OmniCore™ V400XT Controllers (One each for the new large robot and the IRB 6730 robot)
  • OmniVance™ FlexArc® IRB 1660ID – Performing Arc Welding
  • AMR P604 Flexley Mover  – Transporting components between manufacturing operations
  • AMR T702 Flexley Tug with Sevensense Visual SLAM AI navigation and AMR Studio®

GoFa Collaborative Robot Demo Area

Four GoFa collaborative robots of varying models handling a diverse range of applications:

  • GoFa (10 kg) Agility with the new Bullseye® 10, a fully automated tool center point (TCP) with customized pre-defined programs that enable precise calibration during production execution.
  • GoFa (12 kg) Machine Tending, includes all the components needed for SMEs and first-time robot users adopt automated machine tending of smaller parts.
  • GoFa (5 kg) Arc Welding, a breakthrough solution that simplifies creating and executing welding sequences, empowering first-time robot users to create high-quality welds without the need for in-depth knowledge of robot programming.
  • GoFa (5 kg) Laboratory Automation, interfaces with different types of laboratory equipment to automate the flow of samples that are routinely handled manually in many quality and research labs. Coordinated by the LabX Laboratory Software from Mettler Toledo.

Robotic Item Picker Demo with new ABB AI Solution

An AI- and vision-based functional module that can accurately detect and pick items in unstructured environments in warehouses and fulfillment centers. It helps customers automate order picking and sorter induction operations.

ABB FlexPicker with B&R ACOPOStrak Intelligent Track and ACOPOS6D Technology  

Multiple ABB and B&R technologies (IRB 360 FlexPicker, ACOPOStrak, ACOPOS 6D, B&R Integrated Machine Vision) simulating a batch size one process. A B&R Smart Camera is used to identify physical product information such as orientation, position, color and type to correctly route the ACOPS 6D shuttles to the IRB 360 FlexPicker to fulfil custom orders delivered to ACOPOStrak. All while maintaining high speed throughput, track and trace and adaptability to last second order changes.

Digital Corner

Highlights ABB’s suite of software tools that take the time, effort, and complexity out of programming and operating robots. From RobotStudio to ABB’s new range of OmniCore robot controllers, explore value-creating software that underpins ABB’s comprehensive portfolio.

ABB’s STEM Education Package with Cobot Education Cell

The ABB Robotics Education Package unlocks the potential of STEM training by providing hands-on robotics experience for students at a wide range of educational institutions. Featuring a collaborative robot cell, comprehensive teacher and student course materials, and a globally recognized STEM certification, the Package empowers both educators and students to get hands-on experience in real-life industrial robotics applications.

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ABB Robotics – 50 years of innovation

The continued development of AI-powered robotics is the latest chapter in ABB’s fifty-year story of robotic innovation that began in 1974 with the sale of the world's first commercial all-electric robot, the IRB 6. Fifty years later, ABB is pioneering new ways of helping customers boost their productivity, efficiency, and sustainability through robotic automation. ABB will be celebrating 50 years of robotic innovation throughout 2024, Search ABB Robotics in LinkedIn, X, Facebook and Instagram or head to our landing page for all the latest news and updates.

ABB Robotics & Discrete Automation as one of the world’s leading robotics and machine automation suppliers, is the only company with a comprehensive and integrated portfolio covering robots, Autonomous Mobile Robots and machine automation solutions, designed and orchestrated by our value-creating software. We help companies of all sizes and sectors - from automotive to electronics and logistics – become more resilient, flexible and efficient. ABB Robotics & Discrete Automation supports customers in the transition towards the connected and collaborative factory of the future. The business area employs approximately 11,000 people at over 100 locations in approximately 53 countries.

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