Cervoz at Automate Show 2024: Pioneering Compact, High-Performance Solutions for Next-Gen Manufacturing


Cervoz Technology, at the forefront of industrial-grade storage, memory, and expansion solutions, announces its participation at Booth #1777 in Automate Show 2024 (May 6-9, Chicago, USA). Propelling smart manufacturing to new heights, Cervoz is set to display a series of innovations aligned with key industrial trends such as machine vision, edge computing, AIoT, among others. Visit Cervoz at Automate Show to explore the future of automation powered by their advanced solutions.

Compact Computing Powerhouses

Embracing the miniaturized trend in factory automation, Cervoz presents ultra-compact solutions that deliver immense performance. The highlights of the lineup include the T425 NVMe SSD series in M.2 2230 (A+E, B+M key) and 2242(B+M key), offering blazing speeds with minimal footprints. The showcase also includes a diverse selection of NVMe SSDs, ranging from PCIe Gen3 to Gen4 and covering M.2 2230/2242/2280 form factors, ensuring unparalleled versatility and optimized performance for data-heavy edge AI applications. Additionally, Cervoz introduces next-generation DDR5-5600MHz and DDR4 VLP DIMM DRAM modules, engineered for high-performance computing and maximum throughput in AI and edge computing applications. These new compact powerhouses eliminate traditional tradeoffs between performance and size, paving the way for new possibilities in intelligent manufacturing, edge computing, and AIoT.

Effortless Connectivity Expansion

Cervoz has been committed to offering future-proof solutions, aimed at seamlessly facilitating operators' success and evolution in the upcoming interconnected world. A highlight among our offerings is the debut of an extensive range of networking expansion modules, crafted to boost connectivity. Cervoz offers Ethernet Expansion Modules in M.2, PCIe, and low-profile formats, delivering versatile 1/2.5/10GbE network capabilities through RJ45 or M12 X-code connectors, enhanced with PoE+ technology. Furthermore, the latest M.2 Wi-Fi 6 expansion cards, facilitate the deployment of wireless networks. Additionally, Cervoz presents a broad spectrum of expansion solutions in the widely utilized M.2 and mini PCIe formats, encompassing CAN bus, USB, and display, all aimed at enabling smooth upgrades for device connectivity.

Ruggedized Reliable Designs

In the demanding sphere of industrial applications, Cervoz stands out with a suite of rugged solutions engineered for relentless performance and reliability around the clock. The portfolio includes capabilities to withstand wide temperature ranges (-40°C to 85°C), enhanced by Anti-Vibration Fill, Conformal Coating, and the proprietary Power Loss Protection technology- Powerguard, for superior data protection. Designed to excel under severe conditions, from persistent vibration to corrosion, these products surpass the rigorous criteria of automated systems, ensuring consistent, fail-safe operation.

Cervoz redefines advanced manufacturing and smart factory landscapes with ultra-compact, high-performance solutions emphasizing miniaturization, interconnectivity, durability, and reliability. Discover the comprehensive lineup at Booth #1777, Automate Show 2024, and experience firsthand how these innovations boost automation efficiency and facilitate smart factory integration.

About Cervoz
Based in Taiwan, Cervoz Technology boasts almost twenty years of expertise in developing and providing industrial-grade storage, memory, and expansion solutions across a myriad of global industrial sectors.


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