Applied Automation: Kane Robotics to Showcase Cobots’ Material Removal Skills at Automate 2023


Chino, Calif., May 22, 2023 – Kane Robotics will demo its material removal collaborative robot (cobot) solution with three different partners at Automate 2023, the largest automation show in the United States, May 22-26, 2023, in Detroit.

Kane’s GRIT TM cobot works alongside humans to perform a wide variety of labor-intensive sanding, grinding and finishing tasks in industries ranging from aerospace to construction.

Kane was sought out by application partners Applied Automation, ATI Industrial Automation and FerRobotics to exhibit GRIT cobots in each of their booths at Automate 2023 because GRIT operationalizes their products and services in realistic scenarios.

In the Applied Automation booth, Kane will showcase its GRIT XL, a versatile cobot solution designed for polishing large objects such as aerospace parts. Kane will also perform sanding and finishing tasks using FerRobotics’ end-of-arm tool on the GRIT XL’s robotic arm. With ATI Automation, Kane’s smaller GRIT ST cobot solution will demonstrate ATI’s weld grinding tool using 3M abrasives.

Kane will demonstrate some of the GRIT cobot solution’s material removal capabilities that have already helped manufacturers with:

  • emoving coating and sanding surfaces for paint preparation or repairs on helicopter main rotor blades [see video].
  • polishing fighter jet canopies
  • sanding primer from machine components
  • deburring metal castings

Unlike traditional industrial automation, GRIT solutions are reconfigurable for different tasks and, with various sizes, the cobots can accommodate a wide variety of jobs. They are accessible even for smaller manufacturers; a GRIT system requires an average investment of only $150,000 and realizes 100% return on investment within months.

Kane cobot solutions are practical and easy to operate, and users report a 50-80% improvement in productivity upon their implementation. Kane’s solutions also reduce health risks and solve labor shortage issues for small- and medium-sized manufacturers.

By performing tedious tasks that could cause repetitive motion injuries and respiratory illness in humans, the cobots reduce health care costs for employers. They also free up workers from the dull, dirty and debilitating work that humans typically don’t want to do, helping employers retain their employees and lessen the need to hire for hard-to-fill jobs.

Exhibiting with application partners at Automate 2023 demonstrates Kane’s ability to make automation practical and accessible for many different types and sizes of businesses.

“If a person’s doing it, we can train a cobot to do it,” says Kane Robotics COO Alan Hiken. “We’re not reinventing new processes to automate; we’re helping manufacturers move to new tools that will make them more efficient.”

Unlike automation designers who create robots for the sake of technological innovation, Kane believes in practical solutions. “We don’t ask can we automate, we ask should we,” Hiken asserts.

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About Kane Robotics

Since its founding in 2019, Kane Robotics has collaborated with manufacturers in aerospace, defense and other industries to simplify material removal processes through automation, creating the first collaborative robot (cobot) built specifically for composites sanding. Kane’s reconfigurable and easy-to-operate cobots work alongside humans to perform safe and precise sanding, grinding and finishing. The compact, mobile and affordable cobot solutions are accessible to all sizes and types of manufacturers and offer a pragmatic way to dramatically increase productivity, improve safety and fill job vacancies for dangerous, repetitive and labor-intensive tasks. With extensive experience in aerospace and defense, Kane’s industry experts are considered some of the top minds in the world for automation in sanding and composites. Learn more about Kane’s cobot solutions at

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