K-Robot Beyond Smart Power


 The world is innovating industries for digital and green transitions and continues to foster robots as mediators among people are becoming increasingly important in the age of low birthrate, aging, and contact-free. 

In particular, robots have come into the spotlight with various new technologies like digital twin, digital transformation, and blockchain.
KIRIA aims to build a future-orented manufacturing enviroment through the robot industry, create a smart society, and drive the digital transition of the government.

By supporting robot policies based on diverse social and economic issues, KIRIA will continue to foster the robot industry led by the private sector and supported by the government, Also, KIRIA Will conduct testing, evaluation, cerification, and standardization  so Korean robots can be at the center of the world.

With this purpose, KIRIA will strive to become a contral tower of the robot industry by cooperating with industrial bodies, academic circles, research centers, te private sector, the government, and the military.

Good robots' for people value of being together
KIRIA joins the efforts of the robot industry to prepare for the future of South Korea. Thank you.

Along with,  The company participating in the Korean Pavilion is NEUROMEKA, 4DIVISON, ROBOTIS, ACNE SYSTEM, RAINBOW ROBOTICS

Neuromeka supports automation for small and medium-sized manufacturers using easy-to-use and economic cobots (collaborative robots). Neuromeka’s cobots can cowork with people safely and be programmed easily to apply a variety of applications. Neuromeka is constructing ecosystem for RaaS (robot-as-a-service) platform business based on cobots which helps small and medium-sized companies to deploy and operate robot automation without in-house robot experts. We are to contribute our robot technology to improve every client’s productivity.

4DiVISION is a robot AI 3D sensor solution company for autonomous assembly manufacturing processes, and will open the future of smart factories with innovative robot vision technology.

The study of human experiences.
ROBOTIS is a robot solutions provider and one of the leading manufacturers of robotic hardware. As the robotics hardware manufacturer solution provider, ROBOTIS proudly produce theindustry leading DYNAMIXEL brand of all-in-one robot actuators. ROBOTIS, headquarters in Seoul, South Korea, is a pioneering force in innovation and robotics, boasting over 20 years of impactful contributions. 

ACNE SYSTEM is founded to provide more accurate and necessary products to automation industry. We always try to create solutions with fresh ideas and continuous feedbacks. We insist to make better quality and value in your smart factory.

Rainbow Robotics is a robot platform specialist started by the researchersof HuboLab, the Humanoid Robot Research Center of KAIST. From the world’s best disaster rescue robot to a collaborative robot developed in-house, Rainbow Robotics strives to commercialize robots by securing unique technology from continuous R&D and introducing excellent cost-effective robots. ‘We touch the core’ Rainbow Robotics strives relentlessly to become a leader in the robot industry through preeminent  technologies.

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