Micromachining & Miniaturization with the Mundt AB-200150-5 Laser Workstation


Mundt meets new technology demands for Micromachining & Miniaturization with the new MUNDT AB-200150-5 Laser Workstation, in addition to other standard machines with micromachining capabilities.

This new Workstation, the AB-200150-5, is built with granite and ceramic to achieve EXTREME accuracies that permit machining of tiny, detailed features. Complex beam delivery provides an extremely small spot with a Galvanometer. Infinite Field of View allows accurate and seamless machining with the Galvo and cartesian axes that the scanner optics alone cannot provide.

Reasons to Embrace Laser Micromachining Technology

Mundt AB-200150-5 Laser workstationToday’s advanced designs demand Extreme Accuracies, High Throughput, Competitive Pricing and Solid Technical Support.

Industry now requires components with smaller features that require new processing with dependable high accuracy technology.

Mundt precision laser workstations combine a sturdy first-class machine tool and a carefully selected laser to suit a particular application. Standard and custom laser workstations capable of micromachining can be used for product manufacturing.

Save money and get substantial ROI with high yields, more efficiency, greater productivity, and your machine will pay for itself quickly. Mundt will upgrade and service your machine for as long as you have it.

See standard machines suitable for micromachining at www.mundtinc.com.

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