Mundt Delivers Proven Technology for Micromachining & Miniaturization


With continuous advanced laser technology developments, Mundt & Associates, Inc. has now micromachined a micro gear sized at Ø0.020”. Such tiny capabilities indicate the possibilities that are now accessible to any project you may undertake.

Nearly a decade ago Mundt’s medical industry customers required micro-machining capabilities to bring new medical products to market. Since this time micromachining requests have been continuous and Mundt presently offers four standard machines with micromachining capabilities. The DB-2412 and the DB-2412-A, are both general purpose Laser Workstations. The DB-241218-7Axis is a specialized Ultra Short Pulse Laser Workstation that has vast capabilities. The 4th option is the newly released AB-200150-5, with its new Mundt Air Stage, which is built with solid black granite to achieve EXTREME precision with 0.5µm of accuracy. This combination permits machining of tiny, detailed features. Complex beam delivery provides an extremely small spot. Infinite Field of View allows accurate and seamless machining with the Galvo and Cartesian Axis that the scanner optics alone cannot provide. The Air Stage is supported by a heavy welded steel frame with anti-vibration mounts. This new AB-200-150-5 Laser Workstation is the answer to todays advanced technology demands for high throughput, accuracy, competitive pricing and good technical support.

Miniaturization has become particularly important to many of the technological advances that have occurred in the past decade due to the demands for ever-smaller mechanical, optical and electronic devices.

Reasons to Embrace Laser Micro Machining Technology:

Multiple Industries, particularly the medical industry now require smarter and lighter components with extremely small features that demand new processing techniques. Industry demands advanced design and extreme accuracy. Components with smaller features that require new processing with dependable high accuracy technology.

Save money and get substantial ROI with high yields, more efficiency and greater productivity.

A Mundt First-Class Laser Workstation is a workhorse that will yield benefits and pay for itself quickly

Mundt will upgrade and service your machine for as long as you have it

Mundt Areas of Interest:

Mundt specializes in Standard and Custom Workstations and looks to connect with companies that need to excel in the manufacturing process. Mundt offers a unique combination of innovation, design engineering and specialized technology to develop specific solutions for multiple manufacturing challenges. This high-level manufacturing standard is now expected by the medical device market and multiple other industries that must produce top of the line manufacturing by reducing human error in the production process, reduce production costs and increase production efficiency.

Mundt provides laser workstations to accomplish the most complex welding, drilling and ablation required by the medical Industry and offers standard and custom solutions for a design team to ensure the success of any project.

Mundt Machinery falls into the following categories:

Sturdy, Versatile Machine Tools built for Multiple Applications Production Equipment for Manufacturing Laser Workstations Perfect for Producing Complex Parts. Dedicated Production Machines Built to Operate 24/7. Detailed Precision Equipment for Micro Electronic Manufacturing (MEMS)

Standard and Custom Machines are available in Class I and Class IV configurations.

In Conclusion:

Mundt progressively meets new technology demands and has developed a fine reputation for

producing first-class industrial equipment, built to endure a long life and provide the highest quality products with outstanding support. Strong emphasis is placed on minimum waste and downtime.

Mundt offers solutions that give a competitive edge. The company will assess specific needs and work with clients to build a machine or system that has a fully integrated interface, designed with first-quality components that allows versatility and great performance.

Mundt & Associates, prefers to join an industrial client in the product design process stage. This important step compliments the client’s in-house expertise and Mundt’s intimate knowledge of the design and fabrication of machines to provide robust material processing solutions.

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