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Welcome to FactorySmart® at Automate 2024

LMI Technologies is a global leader in the 3D scanning and inspection industry. We focus on delivering complete inspection solutions that provide our customers the measurement results they need, with greater easy of use, less system complexity, and lower total cost.

And you can see the smart 3D advantage in action at this year’s Automate show.

Visit Automate Booth #257 for:

Product Demo Industry Description
Gocator 2600 Series Laser Profiler Integrated with UR Robot Arm Meat Processing and Optimization A single ultra-wide field of view 3D laser profiler scanning a life-size replica of a side of beef. Impressive scan coverage is the order of the day.


Gocator Multi-Sensor Network with FactorySmart AI

Building Materials Inspection

Mixed model multi-sensor network in ring layout for 360º wood scanning (with 2D/3D tools), combined with powerful AI inspection capability for 2D intensity anomaly and object detection. A complete inspection solution on display.


No other machine vision provider is showcasing a complete inspection solution for object detection and anomaly detection that leverages both 2D intensity AND 3D heightmap data.

Gocator 3500 Series
Smart 3D Snapshot Sensor
Automotive Component Inspection 1x Gocator 3520 snapshot (structured light) scanning an automotive engine housing. One snapshot, one immaculate 3D point cloud.
Gocator 2600 Series
Smart 3D 4K+ Laser Profiler
Electronics Inspection 1x Gocator 2629 scanning various electronics components. Laser inspection at up to 18 microns X-resoluton and 4192 data points per profile.
Gocator 5500 Series
Smart Line Confocal Sensor
Medical Device Inspection 1x Gocator 5512 scanning a medical needle tip. A showcase of oustanding precision and detail!



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Gocator 2600 Series (Laser Profilers)  

Gocator 3500 Series (Snapshot Sensors)
Gocator 5500 Series (Dual-Axis Line Confocal Sensors)
NEW! Gocator 4000 Series (Coaxial Line Confocal Sensors) (not in booth)

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Multi-Sensor Networking

Certified 3D Smart Sensor + UR Cobot Integration

FactorySmart® AI Overview

AI for Meat Processing Optimization
AI for Medical Device Inspection

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