AngleLock to Introduce First 7th Axis Linear Shaft Motor Gantry for Industry 4.0 at Automate 2024


AngleLock will launch its newest product, Arrow-1, at Automate 2024 in Chicago May 6-9. The 7th Axis Linear Shaft Motor Gantry is the first of its kind, and it’s designed for high speed, reliability, and precision motion.

Arrow-1’s 7th axis extends the robotic range, allowing for more complex and extended reach operations, effectively broadening the scope of tasks that can be automated. It features an efficient, high-power engine, and offers unparalleled precision with zero maintenance.

Arrow-1 is equipped with Edge to Cloud AI analytics and can optimize operations, perform predictive maintenance, and adapt to varying manufacturing conditions without human intervention. It’s compatible with Industry 4.0, which emphasizes interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data.

The gantry’s sophisticated control systems ensure movements are exact and repeatable. It can easily run in dirty industrial environments and performs flawlessly under water, too. The AngleLock high strength aluminum framing system is customized to handle a shaft motor.

Knowing that any framing system is only as strong as its connectors, AngleLock Owner and CEO Frank Oetlinger, who holds 150 patents, has engineered groundbreaking connectors that cannot fail.

Due to their unique profiles, his connectors maximize the strength of extruded profiles by creating mechanically locked, precision-aligned joints and components that are as strong as welded connections and can withstand heavy industrial vibrations. Oetlinger’s framing systems become stronger and more rigid under dynamic conditions.

“When you take our parts and you put on a bracket and tighten it, it’s perfectly aligned,” Oetlinger says. “It locks and the bolt never comes out. It’s foolproof.”

Anglelock's Arrow-1, with its advanced technological features, isn’t just a new product – it’s a leap forward in the automation industry, setting new standards for what can be achieved in smart manufacturing and robotic engineering.

Frank Oetlinger and his engineering team will demonstrate the Arrow-1 at booth 5413 throughout the show.

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