AngleLock Technology Shatters T-Slot Paradigm


If you’ve been using the same T-slot aluminum framing systems for decades you probably (and justifiably) think they come with application limitations and some undesirable characteristics. However, if you haven’t looked at the latest technology, your assumptions are entirely wrong.

One of the primary limitations of traditional t-slot profiles is their strength and load-bearing capacity. Unlike welded or solid frame structures, traditional t-slot aluminum profiles don’t typically provide the necessary strength and rigidity required for heavy duty applications. This is largely due to the modular nature of these profiles, where the strength is contingent on the connections between the profiles and the fasteners used, which usually can’t match the strength of a welded structure.

Users of traditional t-slot modular structures also complain that they need specialized tools to assemble them, and the process of accurately aligning and securing the connectors is tedious and time consuming. And after all that work, the connections will ultimately loosen and need to be retightened. And forget about using these systems in an unstable environment. Under vibration, they’ll fall apart. It’s not surprising these systems have a sketchy reputation.

But it’s time to forget about these limitations and unsavory characteristics, because AngleLock technology has eliminated them all. Every. Single. One.

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