Quantum Dot based high ppeed 400fps Vis-SWIR camera with wide spectral range (400-2000)nm


Emberion develops and manufactures sensors and cameras based on quantum dots nanomaterials and additionally designs its own CMOS read out circuit (ROIC) to enable a high performance tailored solution for the cameras products. 

The cameras provide a wide spectral range from Vis-SWIR (400-2000)nm in a single sensor and high dynamic range with speeds upto 400fps at full frame. The product variants are camera cores for high volume integration. The cameras have VGA resolution with plans to go upto megapixel. The compact camera versions are SWaP (size weight and power optimised) and all are GigE compatible. 

Various applications such as machine vision (plastic recycling , food sorting,automotive medical, agriculture),surveillance and enabling hyperspectral imaging. 

We are also developing novel MWIR and ultrawide band (Vis-SWIR-Thermal) range sensors and cameras. 

We welcome you at our booth at Automate 5562 and check our live demo!

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