New Innovation from Mundt & Associates



During the laser welding process, you may encounter difficulty in effectively covering a weld with shielding gas in order to prevent oxidation. On axis or off, it can be difficult to get shielding gas into the weld zone. The problem is to manage the flow so that it does not pull atmosphere into the welding zone. If the flow is too low tooling and part contours prevent the gas from flowing into the zone.  When the correct stream of gas is applied it must match the laser energy going onto the weld zone.

This problem has been resolved with the new Mundt Expanded Gas Coverage Delivery Nozzle. This new innovative Nozzle creates a controlled laminar flow to the part without pulling any atmosphere into the weld zone.

This new nozzle is the result of years of experience in searching for good clean laser welds. This specialized Nozzle specifically directs gas flow to the part and also prevents atmosphere being pulled into the weld zone. The design of the Nozzle provides uniform gas flow to the part and allows the Nozzle to be positioned further away from the part, a clear advantage for high power laser welding.

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