Tuesday, March 26, 2024, Cleveland OH – Jergens will present its growing workholding automaton components for unmanned and lights out manufacturing applications. Among the products are the machine washdown tool, Zero Point System (ZPS), a range of pneumatic and hydraulic devices, and a new spindle gripper for first level automation without a robot.

The MT-S spindle gripper provides for continued machined cycles by picking and placing finished components in a temporary part loading tray located within the machining area. The MT-S is stored in the tool magazine like any tool and engaged at the end of each cycle allowing continuous machining until the part loading tray is full. Advantages of the new gripper are no additional floorspace needed, lower initial investment compared to robotics, and fast training without extensive programing.

Another in-between-cycles solution that Jergens will display is the machine washdown tool that provides 360 degrees of spray using coolant flow to wash away chips from exposed surfaces. It is programmed inline (as with any standard tool) after a predetermined number of machining cycles to provide thorough chip removal from the many exposed surfaces inside the machining area. In turn, this saves time for operators by reducing the time spent cleaning chips from a machine interior, workpiece, or workholding setup.

Jergens Zero Point System is available with either pneumatic or hydraulic release and allows users to fix, position, and clamp in a single step, cutting set up times by up to 90%. Recent additions to the range include the SP140 module and K02 pull studs for compact, light duty applications. Together they offer quick-change solutions for vise or gripper jaws, electronic component manufacturing, packaging machines, medical technology, and automation.

Using hydraulics and pneumatics to facilitate unmanned operations is another of Jergens automation strategies. Here Jergens offers several solutions. Clamps and cylinders are available in a range of sizes and configurations. Vises, including self-centering and dual station production style, provide rapid and accurate clamping and unclamping with holding forces up to 5140 lbs. and 4760 lbs. respectively.

For information about Jergens workholding automaton components, or any of the Jergens range of workholding solutions, contact the company at 15700 S. Waterloo Road, Cleveland, OH 44110-3898. Phone: 877-486-1454; Fax: 216-481-6193; e-mail: [email protected]; or visit on the web at Jergens, Inc. is a global manufacturing leader of CNC machining workholding products. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and committed to helping customers achieve leaner, more profitable manufacturing, and continues to add products and engineered solutions for an integrated approach to "Manufacturing Efficiency".


Caption: Jergens to display it’s workholding automation components at Automate ’24 (MT-S Spindle Gripper pictured above)

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