Mundt Builds Custom Stages


Choosing a ready-made stage close to what you need is no longer your only option 

Build exactly the stage you need for your specific application. 

To get started

Call Mundt & Associates, Inc. 
480 922 9365 and ask to speak with a custom stage engineer.

A custom-built stage can be developed with a phone call or visit to Mundt & Associates to discuss and assess your application with a selected Mundt Engineer. All requirements will be considered, and Mundt will develop the equipment you require.

Mundt an OEM of custom Laser Workstations for over 30 years has been building stages to fit his precision machines with great success. Each stage built for a custom workstation fits the application exactly. Mundt realizes that there is a void in the present inventory of stages already built and choosing a near fit is not the direction to go.

Ensure Accuracy and Stability

Mundt custom stages are built with selected materials that are dictated by the application, e.g. Granite, Stainless Steel, aluminum, composite, or hybrid that can be a combination of metals and composite can be selected.

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