OMNI edge from THK provides predictive failure detection to eliminate extended downtime for critical machines.


OMNI edge is a predictive analytics system that uses a secure communications network to analyze periodic real-time data of machine components and perform predictive failure detection. Simply put, predictive analysis allows you to break big data into bite-sized chunks, suggesting future outcomes and pointing out what you can learn from past events like machine breakdowns. It does this by using artificial intelligence to explore historical data, identify patterns and answer the question, “What’s going to happen next?”

Now available in the United States, THK’s Global SIM-compatible service uses the same IoT platform domestically and abroad in order to analyze component data. This technology uses an original algorithm and extensive reference data to quantify the status of components, monitor their condition and detect parts failures, before they occur. This greatly increases optimal machine operation as well as uptime. OMNI edge makes maintenance more efficient, reduces inventory management costs and improves machine operating rates.

THK incorporates feedback from users in order to expand the service in a way that best suits the user’s needs and will help their manufacturing operations achieve continuous productivity improvements. OMNI edge can be used on LM guides, ball screws and rotary components regardless of the manufacturer and will be sold through normal THK sales channels and distributorships. For more information visit:

THK manufactures the widest range of linear motion products, including LM Guides, Ball Screws, Mechanical Actuators and Ball Splines, Cross-roller Rings and more. All THK products have been designed and manufactured to meet the strictest requirements. THK’s experienced Global Engineering Team can provide customized linear motion solutions from their standard linear motion products as well as from mechatronics products for the most demanding applications. THK also operates a manufacturing facility in Hebron, Ohio producing linear motion products as well as link-ball products used in automotive applications.

To learn more, go to or contact THK America, Inc., 200 E. Commerce Dr., Schaumburg, IL 60173, Phone: (847) 310-1111, Email: [email protected]

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