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FerRobotics is the international technology leader in sensitive automation and makes robots feel, what they are doing. This contact-intelligence is the new industry gold standard to automate tricky handwork and to install flexible automation flows instead. For a perfect surface finishing an active force controlled and sensitive tool is necessary. Thus, only our patented Active Compliant Technology ACT establishes every common robot setup with this special ingredient – tactile sense. Our mature and innovative IoT devices are the pin-pointed convenience solutions for sanding, grinding and polishing processes (3D jobs: Dirty, Dusty, Dangerous). FerRobotics’ worry-free solution packages bring complex processes onto a reliable automation standard on a cost-effective basis, while improving production quality and cutting down cycle times. Our optimized function package perform flexible precision, the smart out-of-the-box integration achieves top results immediately. Easy usage and easy process modification keep production flexible and competitive. Manufacturers across all industries benefit from changing manual 3D sequences for optimized functionality and efficiency. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What differentiates FerRobotics from other players in the market, is the outstanding technology. While automation usually tends to come along with costly programming efforts, FerRobotics solutions mastermind the individual contact situation intuitively, fast and secure.

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