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Advanced Laser Technology for Manufacturing for use with Multiple Laser Applications. Mundt & Associates, Inc. an OEM of Laser Workstations specializes in Advanced Laser Technology to meet the demands of those industries that require continual high performance throughout their manufacturing process. Mundt utilizes innovation and creative engineering to provide automation solutions that are used by the world’s leading manufacturers. Mundt has combined building first-class laser workstations with the state of the art motion controls, powerful computer technology, user-friendly software and the latest laser technology. The workstations provide robust process solutions through sophisticated and flexible control of motion and laser. To meet todays complex manufacturing challenges, Mundt has developed a new ultra-adaptable, 7 Axis Ultra-Short Pulse Laser Application Workstation that presently has three different lasers installed on it. The multiple lasers add the versatility to solve most laser ablation applications. (more lasers can be added to this system) The Laser Technology Mundt has selected for the multi-task applications machine combines the DB-241218-7Axis Laser Workstation with, nanosecond, picosecond and femtosecond ultra-short pulse lasers. Laser wavelengths are from 355 nanometers through one micron. Together they provide a powerful combination of laser usage for a wide array of applications. It is important to note that laser configuration can be tailored to fit specific applications. Recently Ultra-short pulse lasers have been favored and applied with advanced manufacturing technology for multiple Industrial applications to bring about cost efficient precision to micromachining. The ultra-short pulse performs unique tasks in multiple industrial applications, particularly ablation, cutting, drilling, marking and other surface modification processes. Ultra-short pulse laser energy ablates with minimal heating so there is only a small heat affected zone. This improved process enables new and more complex product designs, improves product reliability, and lowers overall production costs. Mundt recognized that ultra-short pulse lasers are becoming essential manufacturing tools in the medical device, aerospace, high end automotive, consumer electronics industries, and other industries that require extreme precision. Mundt decided to build an exceptionally versatile ultra-short pulse Laser applications Work-Horse that combines a Cartesian System and a Galvanometer to offer more scope and capabilities to address growing industrial needs. The new Mundt Applications Machine is an advanced manufacturing application tool with multiple built in capabilities. This complex ultra-short pulse laser utilizes Full Travel Field of View (FTFOV) that allows for seamless machining over large areas. The machine is able to move from large to small parts without tiling. Conventional laser processing head and multiple gasses are also available to increase the machines versatility. This special applications machine has 7 axis of motion that is ideal for producing complex shaped parts. With the 7 axes of motion, array of beam delivery options, multiple lasers type, multiple laser wave lengths the workstation has the capability to do complex applications required for advanced manufacturing. A single laser could be adequate to manufacture a complex part whereas an R&D facility could well utilize the capabilities offered by multiple lasers. Mundt & Associates, Inc. is well equipped to make the right laser choice for what ever your needs may be. This adaptable Laser Work-Horse system offers more scope and capabilities for multiple industrial requirements than any other standard machine available on the market today. Please stop by Booth 9223 where you can discuss your upcoming application.

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