CVP-BASIC and CVP-Advanced training

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Sharpen your skills and prove your vision and imaging knowledge to the industry.

Become a Certified Vision Professional at AUTOMATE 2017!

CVP-BASIC and CVP-Advanced training and certification offered!

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A small investment in your education...Big gains for your business

CVP Basic

  • The Fundamentals of Machine Vision
  • Beginning Optics for Machine Vision
  • Beginning Lighting for Machine Vision
  • The Fundamentals of Camera and Image Sensor Technology
  • Image Processing Fundamentals
A CVP-Advanced certification is currently the highest level of distinction for vision industry professionals worldwide.

CVP Advanced

  • Advanced Optics for Vision
  • Advanced Vision Lighting
  • Advanced Vision System Integration
  • Reliable Vision Application Development
  • Advanced Camera and Image Sensor Technology
  • 3D Vision System Development
  • Advanced Color Machine Vision and Applications
  • Advanced Vision Guided Robotics
  • Metrology and 2D Calibration Techniques
  • Non-Visible Imaging Theory and Techniques
  • Particle Analysis and Classification Techniques
  • Designing High-Speed and Linescan Vision Systems

What Certification Can Do For You

  • Showcase your experience and acumen
  • Demonstrate your commitment to delivering the highest quality
  • Market your expert status
  • Get consideration on end-user bid lists

Get Certified

Attaining CVP certification helps you clearly demonstrate your specialized skills. You’ll benefit from an increased confidence in your abilities from your employer, peers and customers.

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Vision Themed Conference Sessions

  • Advances in 3D Vision
  • The Emergence of Embedded Vision and How it Impacts Your Company
  • Advances in Vision Guided Robotics
  • Examining Non-Visible Imaging Technologies
  • Advances in Lighting and Optics for Machine Vision


  • CVP Basic Exam 
    (w/ additional purchase of All Access or Daily Conference Pass) 
    - $175      
  • CVP Advanced Exam
    (w/ additional purchase of All Access or Daily Conference Pass) 
    - $175
  • CVP Basic Exam without Classes - $295
  • CVP Advanced Exam without Classes - $495