tactIO - Cleveland Clinic BioRobotics

9500 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44195 United States

Tel: (216) 505-0003

Robotic Force Control with No Programming Required! tactIO reinvents programming robots to provide high-fidelity 6 degree of freedom force control that can solve complex industrial manufacturing problems like polishing, grinding, and assembly. tactIO meshes real-time force feedback with high-speed robot communication to automate tasks which previously relied on a user’s tactile sense of their environment. No programming is required to leverage the expertise of your existing workforce. tactIO’s powerful patented algorithms are easily configured using simple wizards with task specific parameters. Your workers, who are experts in the process, can utilize tactIO to perform complex tasks while minimizing the risks of long-term repetitive-use injuries. Experience Robotic Force Control Made Easy with tactIO.

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