Far Far Away Company

3027 W Valley Blvd
Alhambra, California 91803 United States

We are Far Far Away Company, and our goal is to provide a universal language of structural engineering for designers, makers, and engineers. We are pleased to present the next generation of structural material: Ultra Pillar. Ultra Pillar offers countless advantages that empower our users to accomplish tasks that were previously impossible or too expensive, such as: 1) Solid and reliable anchor points 2) (Patent-pending) unique fractal function 3)(Patent-pending) unique pillar/connector interaction 4)(Patent-pending) reliable and multi-degree anchoring JPC/RPC design 5)Adaptability with traditional materials 6)Open Ecosystem 7)Unlimited and friendly accessories. 8)Sustainable No more compromises due to inappropriate material size, inconvenient drilling, inaccuracy, unwanted wiggling, or complicated accessories for even simple tasks! Together, we break the chain for future engineers.

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