Wendy Tan White
Thursday, May 9, 2024 | 9:00 AM
Grand Ballroom S100

Wendy Tan White

CEO of Intrinsic,
an Alphabet company

The biggest robotics shift in the 21st century will be AI-driven. Machine learning, training with synthetic data, foundation models, automated computer vision, adaptive applications, data management and infrastructure will accelerate innovation in the coming decades. In industrial manufacturing, robots are incredible tools but remain costly and complex to program and reprogram—even for today’s experts. With historical barriers to entry like deep domain expertise and specialized skill sets required for programming, these incredibly valuable systems have rarely made sense—economically or operationally—for the vast majority of businesses. With the ubiquitous rise of AI, the potential for innovation and growth across entire industries is being reimagined. 

Intrinsic, a robotics software and AI company at Alphabet, has been building a software and AI-enabled platform to accelerate the integration of AI in robotics. Working with key industry partners, they’re empowering developers to design and deploy sophisticated applications that generate new value.

Speaker Bio

Wendy Tan White is the Chief Executive Officer of Intrinsic, which aims to unlock the creative and economic potential of industrial robotics for businesses, entrepreneurs and developers by making industrial robots easier to use and train. Intrinsic became an Alphabet “Other Bet” in July 2021.

Before becoming CEO at Intrinsic, Wendy was a Vice President at X, the moonshot factory, where she coached a variety of teams and leaders on how to chart their path to the moon, including sustainability projects Mineral and Tidal. Before joining X, she was a partner at BGF Ventures, a £2.5bn growth capital fund, and General Partner at Entrepreneur First, a global technology talent investor in AI, robotics and biotech. Early in her career, Wendy was CEO and co-founder of Moonfruit, the world’s first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) website builder platform. She also helped launch, the first European peer-to-peer lending site, and, the UK's first internet bank.

Wendy holds a bachelor of engineering in computer science from Imperial College, a masters in material futures design from Central Saint Martins, and an honorary doctorate from Salford University. In 2016, Queen Elizabeth II awarded Wendy an MBE for her services to technology and business.


Realizing the Value of AI in Industrial Automation | Thursday, May 9, 2024 - 9:00 AM