Billy Beane
Monday, May 6, 2024 | 9:00 AM
Grand Ballroom S100

Billy Beane

Former Executive Vice President of the Oakland Athletics

With great insight and signature wit, Beane conveys his innovative, winning style of management and leadership, which involves identifying undervalued assets to create and sustain a competitive advantage. By striking parallels between baseball and business, Beane inspires audiences across industries (including health care, insurance, finance, etc.) with his unforgettable winning underdog story.

Speaker Bio

Billy Beane, now senior adviser to Oakland Athletics owner John Fisher, has molded the team into one of baseball’s most consistent winners since taking over as General Manager following the 1997 season. Eventually rising to the role of Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations, Beane shattered traditional MLB beliefs that high payrolls equated wins by implementing a data-driven methodology that led the Oakland A’s, with one of the lowest payrolls, to 7 AL Western Division titles and 10 playoff appearances. That strategic methodology has come to be known as the “Moneyball” philosophy, named for the best-selling book and Oscar-nominated film chronicling Beane’s journey from General Manager to hero to celebrated management genius. Beane is a four-time Major League Baseball "Executive of the Year" award winner and was named by Forbes as one of the "100 Greatest Living Business Minds."


Moneyball: Lessons for Life and Business from Baseball’s Best General Manager | Monday, May 6, 2024 - 9:00 AM