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For nearly five decades, Weidmuller USA, based in Richmond, VA, has been a beacon of innovation in smart industrial connectivity and automation. As a part of the globally renowned Weidmuller Group, the company leverages a rich legacy and expertise that spans across production sites, sales offices, and representatives in over 80 countries. Our legacy is built on nearly two centuries of industrial breakthroughs, including the groundbreaking terminal block, the transformative SNAP IN technology, innovative remote I/O, and our future-ready open automation platform, u-OS. Weidmuller USA’s commitment to industrial transformation and developing future-ready products tailored for our customers is unwavering. Weidmuller USA's mission is to power the pioneers of industry with cutting-edge and sustainable industrial technology. Smart industrial connectivity is the key, whether it involves power, signals and data, demands and solutions or theory and practice. Industrial connectivity needs connections. And that’s precisely what we stand for. As comprehensive automation becomes a reality across industries, Weidmuller USA is defining the roadmap to Industry 4.0. We design, innovate, and deliver smart industrial connectivity solutions engineered for the future of American industry. By working closely with our customers, we develop cutting-edge industrial technology that powers businesses to operate seamlessly, scale effortlessly, grow sustainably, and bring their vision to life. Weidmuller’s u-mation portfolio offers future-ready automation products that pave the way to Industrial IoT. With a comprehensive industrial automation portfolio, we deliver a future-ready open platform which includes smart IIoT gateways, game changing PLCs, decentralized remote I/O, and scalable HMI software, all operating on our u-OS platform, embodying the future of IoT and connectivity. Our cloud-enabled industrial operating system, u-OS, addresses the critical needs of any cloud-connected, remotely deployed fleet: edge and fleet management. u-OS solves many of the challenges customers face when they have a remotely deployed PLC and manage it from the Cloud. By embracing containerization, u-OS allows customers to port over and maximize their previously developed IP and other applications that they may already be running, like CODESYS and Node-RED, to name a few. When you partner with Weidmuller, you don’t just adapt to change; you become a pioneer of the future. Discover the next frontier of innovation at www.weidmuller.com.

  • Automated Assembly Machines/Systems
  • Cables/Cable Assemblies/Connectors/Mgmt Systems
  • Controls
  • Industrial IoT/IIoT/Industry 4.0
  • Machine Tools/Equipment
  • Software - Other
  • Wireless Telecommunications Technology/5G
  • Business Services
  • Consulting Services
  • System Integration - Automation
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