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Robots have arrived. From consumer's living rooms, to warehouses, data centers and space, autonomous systems are here. And they are scaling up quickly. One of the greatest bottlenecks however is power. Unreliable charging solutions can quickly turn a dependable robot into a frustrating, expensive and high-maintenance liability. WiBotic provides innovative autonomous wireless charging hardware and software for robots and automation. Stemming from 10 years of research at the University of Washington, Intel and Bosch, WiBotic has commercialized the most flexible wireless charging solutions for power levels in the 10-1000 Watt range being used by over 50 customers in the robotics industry.

WiBotic technology includes patented wireless charging hardware and monitoring plus control software that optimizes the uptime of autonomous fleets. The hardware consists of a wireless docking station that mounts onto a wall or floor, and a wireless charging receiver that is built into the robot and rapidly charges the battery anytime the robot gets within range of the wireless dock. WiBotic wireless power solutions offer much greater flexibility and tolerate significantly more misalignment than traditional inductive charging solutions, which is essential for reliable, safe and scalable autonomous systems. WIBotic software helps a large fleet of robots optimize their energy utilization. Deciding where and when to go charge for a fleet of hundreds or thousands of robots quickly becomes a logistical bottleneck, and we help make those decisions in real time to minimize the cost and downtime of the fleet. WiBotic solutions are commercially deployed in the industrial automation, logistics, data center, and energy/utility industries.

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