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Ninety percent of physical tasks performed in production environments today can’t be practically or economically automated with conventional robots unable to adapt to real world variability in the workspace or operate effectively in semi-structured environments. By offering a user-friendly, affordable robot that work right alongside people on ever-changing tasks, Universal Robots (UR) lowered the automation barrier tremendously, pioneering the collaborative robot industry, now the fastest growing segment of industrial automation. UR’s collaborative robots – or cobots – deliver all advantages of advanced robotic automation with none of the traditional added costs associated with robot programming, set-up, and shielded work cells. These award-winning cobots automate production in all industries – even small and midsized businesses that regard automation as costly, cumbersome, and difficult to integrate. As the UR cobots take over the “3D jobs” – the Dull, Dangerous and Dirty – employees with no prior programming experience are often moved to more engaging tasks, or in some cases, promoted to robot programmers. For users who have completed the online UR Academy training modules, the “out-of-box experience” with a collaborative UR robot is typically less than an hour. That’s the time it takes an operator to unpack the robot, mount it, and program the first simple tasks. Programming is intuitive; users simply grab the robot arm to teach the desired movement, or use the touch screen. Product portfolio includes the UR3, UR5 and UR10 robot arms named after their payloads in kilos, they feature down to 30 Micron repeatability and span in reach from 19.7” in to 51.2”. The lightweight UR robots can be easily be moved around, automating high mix/low volume production runs. Force-sensing technology makes the robot stop operating when encountering an employee, eliminating the need for safety guarding in most scenarios. The new e-Series cobot line also features a built-in force/torque sensor and a user interface with the ability to program stopping time and stopping distance for protective stops. This unique feature, not found on any other collaborative robot, greatly reduces the complexity and uncertainty involved in performing pre-deployment risk assessments. All 17 safety functions are certified by TÜV Nord and comply with the latest ISO machinery safety standards for unobstructed human-robot collaboration. Universal Robots has created a whole ecosystem of accessories for their cobots, called UR+. The UR+ showroom is a rapidly expanding portfolio of plug & play products certified for seamless integration with the UR cobots. UR+ span a wide range of grippers, machine vision, software and protective equipment, currently featuring 130+ different solutions with close to 400 companies participating in the developer program. With 27,000+ units now sold globally, the three UR cobot models hold a 50%+ global market share with more cobots sold than all competitors combined. As editor and publisher of The Robot Report, Frank Tobe, concluded when forecasting the cobot market: “There's no doubt that the collaborative robot marketplace will be growing exponentially over the next few years - with UR leading the pack - and price, safety, flexibility and ease of programming being the key determinants as to which vendor(s) are chosen.” Universal Robots has local offices in New York, Ann Arbor, Los Angeles, Boston and Dallas and a network of more than 100 distributors and integrators across North America. Visit www.universal-robots.com for more info.

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