Rue du Sextant
Echirolles, 38130 France

STRATON AUTOMATION is the editor of the straton® software, designed to cover all areas of Industry and Automation control; from embedded solutions, through virtualized logic, to big power transformers and power-plants breakers. Founded in 2002 and subsidiary of the COPA-DATA group, the French company STRATON AUTOMATION is made up of experts who have been working in this field for more than 30 years to propose today a complete solution, adapted to all needs you can have in Embedded, Utilities and Automation sectors. Our customers are machine or device manufacturers (OEMs). With more than 350 000 licenses sold worldwide, you probably don’t know it but straton is everywhere! In the bus, ship or train you take for your daily travel, in the power plant generating and managing the energy you use every day, in devices (PLC, drives …) automating manufacturing in the industry, or even in the pumps allowing water to reach your home. Since more than 20 years now, STRATON AUTOMATION provides a highly customizable solution able to transform any electronic device in a powerful and communicating PLC! Whether you already have an existing device or wishes to create your own, the straton soft-PLC can be ported on any platform, allowing to bring automation capabilities into it, via an IEC61131-3 programming Editor and Runtime.

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  • Power Transmission, Actuators & Mechanics
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