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Pinnacle Systems designs, manufactures, and services all of the products that we supply to the industrial manufacturing sector. Our products are machine guarding products, electronic safety devices, and safety machine controls. Our safety controls are used to interface the various machine guarding devices to the machine control in a mandated “control reliable” fashion. Our products have been time-tested to be extremely dependable, feature-intensive, and to provide a cost-effective solution for solving complex machine safeguarding projects while protecting your most valuable resource: the employee. Pinnacle Systems has designed, manufactured, and serviced a multitude of machine safeguarding devices used for fulfilling the machine guarding and control needs of industrial manufacturers. These safety devices include safety light curtains, safety mats, ergonomic palm buttons, safety relays, safety controls, and much more. The machine guarding products provide assurance to the employer and the machine operators that we can safely guard hazardous areas and the dangerous point of operation requirements of industrial machinery. Applications such as power press guarding and controls, press brake guarding, robot guarding, and automation guarding are just a few examples of our machine safeguarding capabilities. Operator safety is our priority while effectively maintaining production. Due to our overall safety design experiences, we design within our products unique features that will provide high levels of productivity and overall equipment efficiency (OEE) for the employer. Properly designed and interfaced safety devices and controls can have an extremely positive end result on production throughput and employee moral. Pinnacle Systems is driven by creating machine safeguarding products that comply with or exceed Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) safety and control requirements. In addition, compliance with international machine guarding bodies such as ISO, CSA, and CE are recognized within our machine safeguarding product designs. Pinnacle Systems is a technical resource and acts as a liaison to industrial manufacturers for interpretation of various safety standards and how a specific safety standard will relate to a particular machine that requires machine guarding. The machine that needs to be guarded, may be mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, or a combination of these various power sources, will be addressed and reviewed. Pinnacle Systems will then apply the appropriate safety device(s) for machine safeguarding to comply with specific laws and standards while maintaining efficiency for maximizing the machine’s OEE. The safety products and the control reliable machine controls are manufactured by Pinnacle Systems. Pinnacle Systems designs, manufactures, and services our products from our factories, and all of our products are “Made in USA.”

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