Olis Robotics

240 2nd Ave S
STE 201-B
Seattle, Washington 98104 United States

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Olis Robotics catalyzes automation adoption by providing users with the best remote-control experience for industrial robots. The company’s flagship ‘Olis’ system enables remote monitoring, control, and troubleshooting of new and fielded industrial robots. When robots fail, Olis provides the facts people need to fix errors and regain control of the production process. Olis reduces unplanned downtime by up to 90%, enables machine builders to grow 25% faster, and currently supports more than 50% of industrial robots installed globally. Olis users connect directly to their edge-devices via a secure connection, avoiding the risks associated with cloud-based systems. To ensure physical safety, Olis is designed to always obey the robot’s onsite safety restrictions. Founded in 2013 as a spinout from the University of Washington’s Applied Physics Lab, Olis Robotics builds on over a decade of telerobotics R&D conducted in collaboration with the U.S. Navy and NASA. Olis Robotics has offices and lab space in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood.

  • Automated Assembly Machines/Systems
  • Collaborative Robots
  • Industrial IoT/IIoT/Industry 4.0
  • Motion Control Equipment
  • Robots - Industrial
  • Robots - Service or Educational
  • Software - Other
  • Engineering Services
  • Support Services
  • System Integration - Automation
  • System Integration - Robotics
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