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OCTOPUZ is an offline robotic programming and simulation software that enables users of all experience levels to program and generate robot code in a simple and easy way. With OCTOPUZ, users can program all their robots, regardless of brand and application, within one platform. Whether you are importing CAM from your favorite CAM software or creating paths within the OCTOPUZ solution, OCTOPUZ offers a powerful, flexible and customizable environment. Programming your Industrial Robots to leverage your design efforts, regardless if Welding, Milling, Trimming or Deburring should not be a difficult process. Let us take care of the hard part, allowing you to spend more time manufacturing and less time programming. Our business was built on the concept of taking complex robotic programming and making it simple. At Automate, visitors will be able to see the latest version of OCTOPUZ 2.1 that includes the powerful OCTOPUZ PathFinder features. , OCTOPUZ 2.1 redefines the standards in offline robotic programming by offering a simplified approach to solving toolpath trajectories. The new OCTOPUZ PathFinder suite of tools, automatically identifies AND solves limits and errors within the program. OCTOPUZ 2.1 defies the common misconception that OLP is complicated by making complex path creation, simple. With PathFinder, users will be able to achieve a desired path based on OCTOPUZ path intelligence and/or manual user input resulting in more efficient programming. PathFinder is comprised of seven tools, two of the key tools being: PathAnalyzer and PathSolver. PathAnalyzer will automatically review original toolpaths while detecting and identifying collisions joint limits, reach limits and singularities. Using the generated report, users can quickly self-resolve issues or allow OCTOPUZ to automatically solve on behalf of the user. PathSolver will leverage the PathAnalyzer tool to identify limitations and systematically resolve errors and present the ideal toolpath to the user. Once the process is completed, the new toolpath can be accepted and is ready to be uploaded to the robot. In addition to the two key tools, PathFinder also includes additional tools designed for Auto Configurations on CAM Import, Error Visualization, Targeted Error Resolution, Foundational Reference Point Assignment, and Simplified External Axis Configuration. With the release of OCTOPUZ 2.1, PathFinder users can now easily import CAM paths, and with a simple click of a button, generate a robot path which is clear of limitations and singularities. By leaving the complicated aspect of OLP to OCTOPUZ, users can spend more time manufacturing and less time programming. Interested in learning more? Visit us at booth 8520 or visit our website www.octopuz.com and book a demo with our team!

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