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156-79, Saneop-ro, Gwonseon-gu
Suwon, Gyeonggi-do 16648 Korea

Tel: +82-31-8014-5500

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Doosan Robotics is a robotics company launched in 2014 by Doosan Group, one of the biggest Korean conglomerates included in the Fortune Global 500 list. It now produces collaborative robots that are expected to grow rapidly during the imminent Fourth Industrial Revolution. Doosan Robotics has developed robotics hardware and software in-house by drawing on the professional expertise of the industry’s leading specialists. It completed the construction of a collaborative robot plant that can produce up to 10,000 units per year in Korea and embarked on full-fledged mass production at the end of 2017. Doosan cobots outperform the world’s top-class products in terms of features and safety, and offer unparalleled price competitiveness and superior usability compared to similar products of other companies. Most notably, of its four-model line, which is regarded as the industry’s best, only Doosan Robotics produces two models with a robot arm reach radius of up to 1.7 meters and a maximum payload of 15 kilograms. The company’s diversified product line enables users to select the optimal robot solution. It is also notable that Doosan Robotics has made it possible to teach robots with an app so that even non-specialists can install and program them readily, thereby maximizing the benefits of cobots with which workers must work. In recognition of such excellence in “User Experience” (UX), Doosan Robotics won the 'Interface and User Experience' award at the2017 Red Dot Design Awards, one of the world's top three design competitions, held in Essen, Germany. In terms of force sensitivity and collision detection, which are critical to ensure safety in collaborative work with humans, Doosan cobots boast the world’s top-class technology, with remarkable work precision guaranteed through repeatability within a range of 0.1 millimeters. Additionally, Doosan Robotics has installed a highly sensitive torque sensor on each axis of its cobot, thereby enabling the cobots to perform even intricate tasks that would otherwise require considerable human dexterity. Because of the sensor, an operator can also feel even the slightest contact of any of the six axes with an object in their surroundings, and halt robot operations instantly, thus maximizing safety. In recognition of its ergonomic, user-friendly robot design, Doosan Robotics also won a ‘Product Design’ award at the 2018 Red Dot Design Awards in Germany. Currently, Doosan Robotics' cobots are rapidly expanding their presence in Europe and Asia among major original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and first- and second-tier automotive vendors while other industries, such as electronics, cosmetics, food and beverages, and furniture is beginning to adopt Doosan cobots with satisfactory feedback.

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