Ati Motors Inc.

1750 W. Hamlin Rd.
Rochester Hills, Michigan 48309 United States

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Ati Motors does multidisciplinary engineering in AI, power electronics, control systems, mechanical engineering, system software, electronics, and manufacturing. We build (concept to manufacturing) the Sherpa Line of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) - Next generation robots employing Natural Navigation using 3D LiDAR & camera vision. The Bangalore and Detroit-based team takes a hands-on, practical approach to robotics, developing systems that have been deployed in the real world, including factories and warehouses. We take pride in designing robots that fit into existing infrastructures, indoors and outdoors, with robust mechanical systems, reliable electronics, and advanced automation software. Our AMRs are Industry 4.0 ready and integrate effortlessly with the Digital Enterprise.

  • Industrial IoT/IIoT/Industry 4.0
  • Material Handling Equip./Conveyors/Workholding
  • Robots - Industrial
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