Automate Conference: This Year's Trending Topics

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Welcome to the ultimate guide to navigating the trending topic paths at this year’s Automate Conference! As the premier event in automation, this conference offers an unparalleled opportunity for professionals to delve into the latest advancements, trends and strategies shaping the industry today—and tomorrow. With 20+ topics, 140+ classroom-style sessions and three certification programs, there is something for everyone

Whether you're a novice eager to explore the fundamentals or a seasoned pro seeking to stay ahead of the curve, there are sessions for every stage of your journey. Plus, with flexible single-day or all-access pass options available, you can tailor your experience to suit your needs and schedule. 

Get a taste of our amazing lineup of expert speakers and engaging sessions below that promise to inspire, educate and empower.


If you’re just starting your automation journey or still in the early stages, this Automate Conference topic can provide helpful sessions and guidance. It covers everything from deploying robotics and filling labor gaps to enhancing productivity and scaling your business to understanding how to leverage AI. The ultimate goal is to help strengthen your foundational automation knowledge with tips and strategies to keep your business profitable and growing.

Getting Started with Industrial Robotics | Monday, May 6 @ 10:15 AM
Bob Rochelle, Account Manager, Güdel Inc.

Discover the fundamentals of industrial robotics and the flexible automation industry with Bob Rochelle from Güdel Inc. This “Getting Started” session will cover the industry's mechanics, the rationale behind choosing robot-based automation, principles of system integration, basic robot technology principles, the business case for automation, ROI calculation and common integration mistakes. If you’re thinking about deploying robotics to boost your businesses, this course will set you up for success.

Other sessions to check out:
Successful Automation Strategies: Fast, Wide Scale Implementation for Small or Global Organizations
An Introduction to Automation: Working with Systems Integrators
Machine Vision Made Simple


Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing what’s possible for industries across the board. Today, breakthrough technologies and solutions are helping companies solve challenges that were previously deemed out-of-reach by automation and robotics. Learn about the cutting-edge AI technologies enabling factories to optimize operations. Discover how to push the boundaries of innovation. Hear how vision and AI are powering a new wave of smart robotics, capable of performing human-like tasks. You’ll find it all with the AI & Smart Automation topic path.

Designing Autonomous AI Agents  | Wednesday, May 8  @ 8 AM
Kence Anderson, CEO & Co-Founder, Composabl, Inc.

Join Kence Anderson, AI author and start-up founder, formerly with Microsoft Bonsai, as he explores the intricacies of designing autonomous AI agents tailored for industrial operations. This comprehensive and engaging four-hour course dives into the principles, strategies and methodologies crucial for crafting intelligent systems capable of autonomous functioning. Through a mix of theoretical learning and practical projects, you’ll get hands-on expertise in designing, implementing and evaluating AI-driven autonomous systems. 

For professionals new to automation, Anderson will be hosting an introductory course called Introduction to Industrial AI for Automation on Tuesday, May 7.

Other AI & Smart Automation sessions to check out:
Transforming Manufacturing with AI: From Development and Deployment to Optimization
Leveraging AI to Deliver Human-Centered Automation
The Generative AI in Automation: Automating the Tasks That You Least Expect!


Robotic solutions are seeing wider adoption than ever before, across traditional and emerging industry segments. With new advancements and more affordable solutions on the market, organizations are seeing the true value of investing not just in automation, but in their future possibilities. This conference topic puts the spotlight on robotics as a whole—looking at what’s here and what’s on the horizon. 

The Next Frontier of Automation: Human-Centric Robots | Tuesday, May 7 @ 1:30 PM  
Melonee Wise, CTO, Agility Robotics

Explore the evolution and future of robotics in warehousing with Melonee Wise, CTO of Agility Robotics. This session will discuss how advancements in vision systems, edge computing and AI have propelled robots beyond research labs into commercial success. Melonee will provide strategies to help prepare warehousing facilities and companies for the next phase of robotics evolution, focused on human-centric, humanoid robots. 

Other sessions to check out:
Developing High Mix Capability Through Open-Source Collaborative Initiatives
Simplicity and Innovation: Designing Small Automated Systems
Where Robotics and Medicine Intersect


We’re combining two conference topics here. Why? Because mobile and collaborative robotics are both driving industrial innovation forward at unprecedented rates. From transforming the way work is done to facilitating safer, more flexible and efficient operations in various sectors, these Automate Conference topic paths include sessions that will keep you at the forefront of what’s possible for your facility, factory or lab.

Advances in Cobot Welding: Your New Welding Journey | Wednesday, May 8 @ 4:15 PM
Will Healy III, Global Industry Segment Leader, Welding, Universal Robots

Join Will Healy as he delves into the transformative power of collaborative automation in metal fabrication. This enlightening session reveals how advances in cobot welding through Coordinated Motion technology developed by Universal Robots is revolutionizing the industry. You’ll learn how it multiplies productivity, ensures consistent quality and extends the careers of skilled welders while enabling optimized cycle time, consistent Tool Center Point (TCP) and enhanced efficiency. 

Other sessions to check out:
Emerging Trends in Collaborative Automation
8 Key Considerations When Assessing Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Vendors 
No-Code Robot Programing for End Users: Simplifying Automation


This year’s Automate has been all about showcasing how automation isn’t just the future; it’s here now. With advancements in robotics, AI and ease-of-use automation, highly efficient, smart factories are becoming today’s reality—enabling unprecedented levels of productivity and operational efficiency. As adoption accelerates across industries, many companies are hungry to understand seamless integration strategies, business implications and how today’s trends can drive faster returns on investment (ROI) tomorrow. That’s where this Automate Conference topic path comes in!

Delivering Superior OEE with Edge and Machine Connectivity | Thursday, May 9 @ 10 AM
Luis Narvaez, Product Manager/Automation Specialist, Siemens
Suresh Rama, Portfolio Development Executive, Siemens

Picture this scenario: you've just installed a new machine at a customer site, only to realize that the environment is far more demanding than anticipated. As systems begin to falter, the costs of downtime soar, leaving both you and your client frustrated. Could this risk have been mitigated beforehand? In this session, Siemens experts will share insights into optimizing development processes, ensuring machine performance, maintaining uptime, implementing diagnostics and safeguarding against cyber threats. By arming yourself with this knowledge, you'll be better equipped to deliver solutions that surpass expectations and minimize costly disruptions.

Other sessions to check out:
Unlocking Manufacturing Excellence: The Power of Predictive Maintenance Technology
Designing for Tomorrow’s Cybersecurity Challenges
Simulation and Virtual Commissioning for Discrete Production Systems


As the demand for precision and reliability continues to escalate, vision systems and technologies are no longer just advantageous but imperative to stay ahead. And with breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, deep learning algorithms and the integration of advanced imaging techniques, elevating your vision is taking on a whole new meaning. Learn about the latest advancements and emerging applications in machine vision to reshape your production processes, revolutionize quality control standards, and drive unparalleled levels of productivity. 

Demystifying AI: Tangible Solutions for Today's Manufacturing Challenges | Monday, May 6 @ 1:30 PM
Eric Danziger, CEO & Co-Founder, Invisible AI

Eric Danziger blends nearly a decade of military experience with advanced technical knowledge and a degree in computer vision to help companies successfully adopt new technologies to streamline operations and maximize output with minimal resources. In this informative session, he’ll offer industry leaders practical AI and computer vision applications to address labor shortages and improve efficiency on the factory floor. He’ll also demonstrate how these technologies can enhance production by quickly identifying and solving bottlenecks, using real-time data and video for process optimization.

Other sessions to check out:
Deploying AI to Retrofit Manual and Vision-Guided Robotic Processes in the Automotive Industry
Avoiding the Major Pitfalls of Machine Vision Lighting
Certified Vision Professional (CVP) Basic & Advanced Certification Programs

No matter your industry or title, the Automate Conference offers next-level insights and immediate takeaways you can put into practice right away. View all our sessions and register for the Automate Conference today to gain your competitive advantage!

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