WAGO Corporation

N120W19129 Freistadt Rd
Germantown, Wisconsin 53022 United States

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Since their founding in 1951, WAGO has been pioneering innovative connection systems in electrical engineering and electronics. In 1977, the CAGE CLAMP® was born and since then, WAGO has been the world market leader for more than a half century in designing and manufacturing termination systems incorporating spring pressure wire termination technology. Precisely designed and manufactured, spring-loaded connections not only guarantee a faster and easier connection, but also offer a higher safety level since the contact quality is largely independent of operator skill. basically providing “vibration-proof, fast and maintenance-free connections.” Today, WAGO is the leading manufacturer of spring clamp termination for automation components from terminal blocks to PLCs and more. Their compact products deliver safe and reliable solutions for any factory, process or building application.

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