PHD, Inc.

9009 Clubridge Drive
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46809 United States

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For over 65 years, PHD has made the parts that make it all possible. Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, PHD is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric-powered devices helping companies across all industries optimize automation and manufacturing processes. We offer an extensive line of standard actuators that are known for long life and high quality. Our wide product range, unique options, and make-to-order manufacturing processes set us apart in the industry. PHD products have a reputation that precedes them. They’re built to last for maximum efficiency, low cost of ownership, reduced downtime, and repairability. We also have the engineering expertise and factory capability to customize solutions across industries and applications. Our job is to improve the way manufacturers do theirs. Behind nearly every product is a carefully engineered manufacturing operation where elements are produced, pieces come together, and products keep rolling off the line. From our highly precise product and customization capabilities to our superior engineering expertise, we provide automation solutions that enhance your capabilities and competitiveness. Our solutions fuel breakthroughs, innovation, and success in achieving what once seemed unachievable. Our Mission We move the world forward by empowering our partners with the innovative automation solutions they need to make the products that simplify, improve, and advance people’s everyday lives. Our Values • Customer intimacy — Knowing and understanding our customer needs, goals, challenges, and pain points is key to our success. • Never-settle mentality — We’re constantly moving forward, improving, and innovating. Today, we’re better than we were yesterday. Tomorrow, we’ll be better than we are today. • Culture of collaboration — We leverage our collective skills, knowledge, and expertise to deliver better solutions. We’re strongest as a team. • Mission-focused — We never lose sight of our mission. Everything we do is to empower our customers so that they can empower theirs

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