Laserline Inc.

1800 Wyatt Drive
Suite #9
Santa Clara, California 95054 United States

Laserline is one of the pioneers in diode laser technology, and played a significant role in achieving a breakthrough with this laser type. Founded in 1997, the company grew within only a few years to becoming an international leading developer and manufacturer of diode lasers for industrial applications. Laserline diode lasers can be found in a wide variety of different application areas. Typical areas are classical forms of metal processing, as welding, brazing, hardening, as well as realization or repair of coatings. Furthermore, Laserline diode lasers have been established for surface treatment, additive manufacturing or welding of fiber composites.

  • Cables/Cable Assemblies/Connectors/Mgmt Systems
  • Lasers/Laser Equipment/Laser Systems
  • Optics & Lenses
  • Engineering Services
  • Support Services
  • Training
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