CW Bearing (USA) Inc

15200 Technology Drive
Northville, MI 48168 USA

Tel: (734) 781-4000
Fax: (734) 781-4001

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CW Bearing is the 2nd largest bearing manufacturer in China and the 2nd largest bearing exporter from China with goals to be one of the top five in the world. Our enterprise is embodied by the quality management system ISO/TS 16949. CW Bearing is committed to continuously improving our product quality through ongoing research and development programs. We have a customer-first approach to creative problem solving. CW Bearing can optimize cost vs. function for your application. At CW Bearing our attitude is "Yes, we can find a way to do that." Our goal is to develop a trusting relationship between innovator and manufacturer to promote transparency. Our new North American Center for Design, Sales, and Manufacturing in Northville, brings CW Bearing World Class Manufacturing to Southeast Michigan. At CW Bearing, our success built on exceeding customer expectations.

Products / Services
  • Automated Assembly Machines/Systems
  • Motors
  • Power Transmission, Actuators & Mechanics
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