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Faster robot programming – that is what Convergent IT and the software tool AUTOMAPPPS stand for. More than 10 years of experience in automatic robot programming truly make Convergent IT a leading provider of robot programming software. Proven by tens of millions of robot programs generated using AUTOMAPPPS robot programming software. AUTOMAPPPS SW supports a wide range of applications: ranging from novel reactive robotics 100% automatically programmed in seconds, to faster robot offline programming of very small batches of very complex parts, AUTOMAPPPS also helps with multi-robot systems, line-tracking, external axes, narrow cells, and has proven at challenges where other SW solutions were not applicable or economically not viable. Our portfolio of faster robot programing solutions: AUTOMAPPPS - reactive: truly automatic robot programming: Generate robot programs within seconds - up to 1000 times faster than traditionally. Automate extreme variant tasks not thinkable without automated robot programming and reactive robot programming. Automate touch-up and spot-repair of defects or deviations detected seconds before, vision-based deburring and shape-correction, MRO (maintenance, repair, overhaul), lot-size 1 production, a.s.o.. Fully automatic robot programming using AUTOMAPPPS software is the AI based solution for the future - available today. The software plans and programs industrial robots within seconds - without human intervention - and makes robots truly reactive and smarter. USPs proven in automotive and non-automotive factories around the world. AUTOMAPPPS OLP tool: the robot offline programming software for faster, easier task programming and optimization. Automated collision avoidance also for multiple robots, automated planning and scheduling. WYSIWYG simulation and further support features accelerate and facilitate robot programming or layout optimization. Benefit from a higher degree of automation in robot programming compared with conventional OLP or teach-in. Makes robot offline programming easy to use for non-experts by automatic programming features that are included in the software. AUTOMAPPPS bin-picking: The fast and reliable grasp- and motion planning solution for robot bin picking and visual pick and place. It plans the 3D bin picking job for the entire robot, not just for the grippers or only for parts of the robot. The planner can be configured and adapted to products, conditions and task context quickly. For most major robot manufacturers. It offers robust grasps, optimized robot motions. Robot bin picking with faster cycle-times or in more narrow cells becomes possible. Millions of robot programs can’t be wrong! Benefit from more automated robot programming and have your automation rapidly programmed, optimized, validated. Costs-saving, time saving and at high quality and not only for robot experts. AUTOMAPPPS reduces efforts or fully automates the programming also for line-tracking, multi-robot cells, mobile robots, external axes, a.s.o. - for 20 robot brands. Special support for: robot painting, powder coating, cleaning, sand-blasting. Sanding, grinding polishing, deburring with robots. Also for metrology, inspection, sealing, gluing, welding, cutting, handling robots, a.s.o... More Information:

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