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AT – Automation Technology will be presenting two world firsts at Automate 2019. With the smart infrared cameras of the IRSX series, intelligent, self-contained thermal imaging systems that are consistently designed for industrial use are available for the first time. With the modular MCS series of high-speed 3D compact sensors, AT is the only manufacturer in the world to offer its customers the option of configuring required solutions themselves. AT will also be presenting the extended C5-CS series of pre-configured high-speed 3D compact sensors that with 43 models now covers an even wider range of applications than before. New models of the C5-CS series The four additions to the C5-CS series, based on the world’s fastest 3D sensor, C5-1280-GigE, all support an output of up to 1,280 points per profile and achieve a unique frame rate of up to 200 kHz. The entire design concept has been tailored to the outstanding performance features of the high-end 3D technology and combines it with state-of-the-art laser electronics in a compact IP67 housing. The MCS series In addition to the C5-CS series with its pre-configured models, AT’s modular MCS series gives customers the opportunity to always get the tailor-made high-speed 3D compact sensor for an application without the extra cost of customization. The customer simply specifies field of view, z-range, working distance, resolution and frame rate and receives a product composed of corresponding modules. A special advantage of the MCS series is that configurations with dual-head sensors, i.e. two sensor modules, are possible. This does not only enable increased measurement quality, but also allows sensor modules with different performance data to be combined, which can perform different measurement tasks in parallel. Thus, tailor-made all-in-one solutions are also available for all applications in which several component properties are examined, such as the geometry and surface condition of wood components. Time-consuming installations with several standard individual sensors each of which must be calibrated specifically for its measurement task are a thing of the past. The most powerful modules of the MCS series support an output of 4,096 points per profile and achieve a frame rate of 200 kHz. The IRSX cameras Designed as an all-in-one solution, the IRSX cameras combine a calibrated thermal imaging sensor with a powerful data processing unit and a variety of industrial interfaces in a small, rugged IP67 housing. A computer, special thermal imaging software or external interfaces are no longer required. For communication with the process control, the cameras feature a multitude of protocols, including GigE Vision, Modbus TCP, HTTPS and FTP. A comprehensive range of software tools supports the integration and use of the cameras. In addition to standard APIs such as REST, GigE Vision, MQTT and OPC-UA, this also includes a constantly growing number of application-specific apps. Thanks to the web-based configuration interface, the cameras can be set up for thermal monitoring tasks in no time at all without any programming skills. The IRSX series comprises a variety of models with different fields of view, resolutions and frame rates and covers a broad spectrum of applications in industrial process automation.

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