Q&A with Education Pavilion Sponsors: Advancing Automation Education

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Discovery and education are at the heart of Automate. There is something new to learn at every booth, every stage and around every corner. Beyond equipping today’s automation professionals and enthusiasts, we are also fostering and readying the next-generation workforce for the challenges and opportunities ahead. One way we are doing that is with the Automate Education Pavilion.

The Pavilion is more than a place on our show floor though; it’s a call to action for students, educators and professionals alike. It beckons educators to shape the curriculum for an industry at the forefront, and it calls to students, inviting them to be a part of something bigger. It’s a platform for inspiration, a hub for networking, and, above all, it’s an investment in our shared future.

You’ll find universities, trade schools, organizations and the world’s leading automation companies in this single, dedicated space on the Automate Show floor. For a preview of what to expect, we asked Education Pavilion sponsoring companies how they're helping build tomorrow's workforce—from within company walls to partnerships and advocacy outside of them. 

Take a listen to each of the Q&As below!


As education program manager at Universal Robots, a leader in collaborative robotics, Corey Adams is all too familiar with the importance of educating current and future workforces. He knows a stronger emphasis on automation education today is key to addressing the growing demand for skilled professionals and empowering individuals to succeed in a rapidly evolving field.

From sharing the latest advancements and solutions to inspiring and getting people excited about automation career paths, hear why Universal Robots is excited about participating in the Automate Education Pavilion.

Want to connect and learn more about Universal Robots? Stop by booth 5575 in the Education Pavilion. 


Christelle Keefer joins Automate to talk about how vital a skilled workforce is to ABB—and everyone. Keefer is the Global Business Development Manager for Education at ABB, so prioritizing automation education tops the list. In our Q&A, Keefer explores the importance of hands-on learning, mentorship, collaboration between universities and industry leaders, and so much more. 

Want to connect and learn more about ABB? Stop by booth 5672 in the Education Pavilion. 


Yaskawa has been focused on educating and training their staff and customers for over 25 years. So, it comes as no surprise they have such a strong commitment to educating students and educators as well. We sat down with Clint Chapman, who leads education and workforce development for Yaskawa, to discuss why the Education Pavilion is a must-attend. Plus, topics like upskilling and reskilling staff, curriculum modernization, and getting students and educators into facilities. 

Want to connect and learn more about Yaskawa Motoman? Stop by booth 5579 on the show floor. 

KUKA Robotics Corporation 

When Michka Tosan, account manager for medical robotics at KUKA Robotics, graduated from university, Kuka provided an opportunity to nurture his skill set and expand his knowledge base. Today, he is now helping others navigate a future in automation. With new trends, technologies and industries coming into play, Tosan shares why and how Kuka Robotics emphasizes automation education and advancing the next generation. 

Want to connect and learn more about KUKA Robotics Corporation? Stop by booth 5679 in the Education Pavilion. 

FANUC America Corporation

Executive director of education at FANUC, Paul Aiello joins Automate to share why focusing on education and taking advantage of opportunities like the Automate Education Pavilion is so important. As a key player in education for over a decade, FANUC is dedicated to getting more students excited about and prepared for careers in automation. In the Q&A, Aiello provides a glimpse into FANUC’s education and workforce development initiatives. One initiative even lets high school students take FANUC robot programming and CNC programming as a foreign language elective. Check out the full session!

Want to connect and learn more about FANUC America? Stop by booth 5667 in the Education Pavilion. 

We hope you enjoyed these small glimpses into what some of the leading automation companies are doing to pave the way forward for tomorrow. But there is still so much more waiting to be discovered and explored on our show floor (for free!). Come join us in Chicago and take the next steps into your future. The time for automation education is now—and at Automate!

BONUS FOR EDUCATORS: If you’re a current professional at an educational institution, you can also catch all of the guests in this article speaking at the 2024 Automate Educator Day on Wednesday, May 8. They will be a part of a luncheon panel discussion on preparing the workforce for smart manufacturing careers. Reserve your spot today!

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