Certified Motion Control Professional PROGRAM

The Certified Motion Control Professional (CMCP) program at Automate will help you and your team strengthen your skills and stand out from the crowd.



From basic machine design and the physics of motion to understanding inertia and motor sizing, the CMCP program offers a thorough download on the latest in motion control. Gain this specialized and technical knowledge and earn your certification with the Certified Motion Control Professional–BASIC training and exam on-site at Automate. Once certified, you’ll join an elite group of system integrators, machine builders, manufacturers, end-users and others who are recognized throughout the industry. Anyone interested in the program has the opportunity to take the CMCP Basic training course and corresponding certification exam in person at the Automate Show and Conference in Detroit, May 12–15, 2025. Schedules will be announced soon, but you can learn more about the CMCP programs at automate.org .