See the Unseen: How Mecademic's New Meca500-OBS Robot is Changing the Game in Optics Manufacturing


See the Unseen: How Mecademic's New Meca500-OBS Robot is Changing the Game in Optics Manufacturing
Montreal, Canada – Monday, May 6, 2024

Mecademic, a global leader in compact robotics solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the Meca500-OBS. This micro-automation robot features a unique optical black surface treatment that absorbs up to 96.5% of light, reducing reflection and enhancing safety in sensitive manufacturing environments.

The Meca500-OBS was engineered to tackle significant challenges in optics manufacturing or AI vision systems, where light reflection can lead to measurement inaccuracies and pose safety hazards. By minimizing these reflective issues, the Meca500-OBS enables faster production load times.

“After working with beta customers to confirm the effectiveness and positive impact of this solution, we are excited to introduce the Meca500-OBS to all our customers, said Philippe Beaulieu, EVP|CCO of Mecademic. "As the only light-absorbing 6-axis robot in its class, the Meca500-OBS offers unique value, especially for automation processes that are highly impacted by light reflection such as optics and photonics."

Digital Manufacturing Ireland (DMI), an organization focused on adopting high-impact technologies for manufacturers, was one of the beta testers. Tommy Brennan, Lead Machine Vision Specialist at DMI, shared, “We had an opportunity to beta-test the new black anodized 6-axis robot from Mecademic and found it positively impacted manufacturing use cases. For example, the Mecademic robot could come much closer to the product being inspected without affecting its illumination, allowing for faster load time in production.”

The Meca500-OBS is available now and will be showcased at Automate in Chicago from May 6 to 8, 2024. It will also be featured at the W3+ Fair in Jena on September 25 to 26, 2024, where attendees can witness the robot performing optical alignments and demonstrating its capabilities in real-world applications.

Discover how the Meca500-OBS can improve your production processes and ensure a safer work environment. Visit the Meca500-OBS product page to learn more about its light absorption capabilities and benefits.

Mecademic continues to lead in industrial robotics, with a strong focus on innovation and customer engagement. Last year, the company launched the MicroDASH-MCS500, the most compact and precise 4-axis robot arm in the industry, which has been recognized with an innovation award at the Robotics Summit 2024. This accolade underscores our commitment to pioneering solutions that reshape manufacturing landscapes. With the recent launch of the Meca500-OBS, Mecademic anticipates similar acclaim for its ongoing contributions to robotic technology.

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