Mecademic Industrial Robotics

Montréal, Quebec H3K 1A4 Canada

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Mecademic is at the forefront of industrial robotics, engineering the world's most compact, precise, and user-friendly industrial robot arms. Our innovation drives automation in precision tasks and delicate operations, making us leaders in the field. We proudly introduce a revolutionary line of robots distinguished by their simplicity, flexibility, and unmatched performance. Designed for plug-and-play functionality, Mecademic robots boast a minimal footprint and cost-efficiency, ensuring seamless integration and ease of operation. Crafted with exceptional care in Montreal, Canada, we utilize only the highest-grade components in the production of our robots. Our focus extends across key industries where precision and innovation intersect: Electronics, Lasers, Photonics & Optics, Life Sciences (including Medical Devices, Laboratory Automation, Biotechnology, and Pharmaceuticals), Automotive, and Aerospace Components. In these sectors, our products excel and redefine the possibilities of automation and efficiency.

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