8 Visitors Share Why Automate Is a Must-attend

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Are you ready to experience the future of automation and discover the possibilities to take your business (and your knowledge) to new heights? Then, you’re in the right place—or headed toward it!

Every year, thousands of automation enthusiasts, professionals and curious minds make their way to the Automate Show and Conference. As the largest automation event in North America, we offer a diverse and comprehensive lineup of industrial automation solutions and technologies. Not to mention endless opportunities for learning and advancement—from our Show Theater and keynotes to technical training sessions.

But what makes Automate a must-attend event for anyone interested in automation? We asked eight repeat visitors to share their reasons for making Automate a priority year after year. 

Get a better understanding of business advantages

“Everything about automation is exciting, and it only gets more so as new technologies emerge.    From collaborative robots to intelligent and efficient automation processes—including AI-driven developments—automation in 2024 offers a world of possibilities. The Automate Show gives attendees a better understanding of the business advantages that automation provides. If you’re interested in automation, or want to capitalize on its potential, attending Automate is a must. ”

Lou Finazzo, Vice President, FANUC America

Remain on the cutting-edge

“Automate bridges the gap between possibilities and realities in automation. Engaging with those realities firsthand is invaluable to those who want to remain on the cutting edge of constantly evolving technology. SkillsUSA is an organization shaping the future workforce that will be embracing this technology, so it’s a can’t-miss event.”

Chelle Travis, Executive Director, SkillsUSA

Not just informative, but also a lot of fun

“If you're interested in seeing the latest in automation technology and networking with industry experts, Automate is the place to be. It's a great opportunity to catch up with peers, share experiences and explore new trends. Plus, you'll meet potential clients and learn how your work can fit into the evolving landscape of automation. It's not just informative, it’s also a lot of fun—a perfect blend of professional growth and networking in a dynamic setting."

Juan Luis Aparicio Ojea, CEO, Reshape Automation

Feel the energy and excitement at every turn

“Automation is already such a big part of our lives, and it will continue to be so for years to come. The Automate Show is a truly unique place where ideas come together and the industry helps one another get to the next level. There is such great energy, excitement and knowledge that flows through Automate's halls. If you are going to attend one automation industry show this year, Automate 2024 is the one not to be missed.”

Scott Marsic, Group Product Manager, Epson Robots

A place where all industries can come together

“Automation can impact so many different industries from factory automation to the life sciences; it is really a unique area that experts from different industries can collaborate on. Automate gives an opportunity for these different industries to come together. I love meeting new people in the industry and developing those deeper connections to help me advance my professional career.”

Rebecca Charboneau, Optical Engineer, Edmund Optics

See the latest innovations and connect with the world’s best and brightest

“We're excited to hear about the latest innovations and connecting with some of the world's leading manufacturers. Automate provides a platform for learning how companies are embracing the factory of the future today through proof of concepts, localized rollouts and full deployments of inspiring use cases like: AMRs, digital twins, connected workers, predictive maintenance, computer vision, etc. ”

Rodney Sowalskie, Global Industry Marketing Director, Ericsson

Educators can know what’s happening right now

“The dedicated Educator Day gives teachers and students the opportunity to participate in the nation's leading automation technology show. They can see firsthand what technologies are trending and hear from global experts about what is happening in the field right now. They get to take that back to their schools and networks with immediate action items and valuable insights only available at this key show.”

Amanda Beaton, Siemens Cooperates with Education (SCE) Manager, USA

Explore all the advancements under one roof

“Robots are no longer limited to traditional applications in manufacturing; they are entering every industry, including many that have very low levels of automation in the past. This represents a greenfield opportunity for hardware and software vendors, as well as a chance to frantically improve workforce productivity and retention for a broad range of businesses. Attending Automate is the best way to learn about all these advancements under one roof.”

Florian Pestoni, CEO and Co-Founder, InOrbit

Still need convincing? We have ten more reasons you need to Automate in 2024. Plus, a free email template you can use to help convince your boss, so you can register soon to join us in Chicago!!

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