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Moog has a reputation throughout the world as a company with employees and motion control solutions that are at the forefront of the markets we serve. Moog best-in-class motion control products run industrial machines that are manufactured and installed around the world. These machines demand and deliver critical position, velocity, force and acceleration with high reliability. With total company sales of over $2.5 Billion, Moog is recognized as a global market leader for technology and innovation in our target markets, continuously improving machine performance. Moog is making a difference in today’s most dynamic markets -- plastics, metal forming, power generation, steel production, test and simulation, automation, wind energy, motorsport and others. Moog is the supplier of choice for customers who value motion control products that can be conveniently configured to the specific needs of their application. Our customers see Moog as a responsive provider of products that effortlessly integrate within machines, and enables the customer to produce machines that deliver outstanding value. We are a leading global provider of customized, electro-mechanical motion control products and solutions. We focus on solving difficult application problems when, ”Performance Really Matters,” through technically differentiated products and close collaboration with the customer. While many companies associate Moog with hydraulic technology, today, many of Moog’s systems are based on electro-mechanical motion control technology, demonstrating Moog’s willingness to apply the best technology for each customer’s application. As an experienced designer and manufacturer of electric motion control products such as fractional horsepower motors, ball and roller screws, servo motors, servo drives, servo actuators, motion controllers, linear motors, linear actuators, linear motor actuators, slip rings, alternator generators, rotary position and rates sensors, and synchronous and asynchronous large rotating machines, Moog can leverage its ability to easily tailor these products to fulfill each specific machine requirements. Most importantly, Moog has the capability in offering high performance, deep technical know-how, and absolute reliability for today’s motion solutions.

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  • Controls
  • Drives & Amplifiers
  • Motion Control Equipment
  • Motors
  • Power Transmission, Actuators & Mechanics
  • Sensors & Sensor Integrated Systems
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