Micropsi Industries USA, Inc.

300 Brannan St
Suite 101
San Francisco, California 94107 United States

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Micropsi Industries is a software company that provides ready-to-use AI vision software for industrial robots. Our product MIRAI is AI-vision software that enables industrial robots to perform automation tasks otherwise considered too complex to solve. MIRAI can enable robots to handle variance in manufacturing such as: position, shape, light, color & background. The MIRAI software consists of robot-control code on an edge device, a cloud-based machine learning service, and an app for training the system.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
  • Automated Assembly Machines/Systems
  • Collaborative Robots
  • End-of-Arm Tooling
  • Industrial IoT/IIoT/Industry 4.0
  • Robots - Industrial
  • Robots - Service or Educational
  • Software - Other
  • Software - Vision & AI
  • Vision Systems
  • Support Services
  • System Integration - Automation
  • System Integration - Robotics
  • System Integration - Vision
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